Kimberly Martinez Phillips

PhD Candidate

Research Interests

Her academic concentrations include using the theoretical perspectives of Decolonial Feminism and Standpoint Theory to analyze the matters of sexism, racism and systematic oppression through an intersectional lens.

Contact Information


Areas of Expertise

Sociology of inequality, Intersectionality, Feminist Standpoint Theory and Singleness

Personal Profile

Kimberly Martinez Phillips is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Sociology Department at Memorial University. She completed her Master’s degree in Sociology at the California State University, Dominquez Hills in California where she specialized in marriage and interpersonal relationships. Her thesis was a quantitative study that analyzed 300 questionnaires on participant’s perceptions of relationships and marriage. She has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Criminology and Anthropology from the University of California at Irvine. She is currently conducting interviews for her dissertation research on single, never-married, voluntarily childfree women of color. Her analysis utilizes the perspectives of Standpoint Theory and Decolonial Feminism through an intersectional lens. She has taught Sociology courses at universities in California and Canada for over 24 years teaching courses that range from Race and Ethnicity, Feminist Theory, Criminology, Introduction to Policing, Social Problems, and Marriage and Family.



American Sociological Association (ASA), Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP), Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS)

Research Highlights

Phillips, Kimberly Martinez. 2022. “We Come Not Here to Talk - Recentering the Work of Anna Julia Cooper: An Analysis of the Foundation and Evolution of Standpoint Theory.” [under review]

Phillips, Kimberly Martinez. “Film and the Single Girl: Damaging Depictions of Single Women in Film.” (work in progress)

Conference Presentations:

“Singleness is Not a Disorder: Destructive Depictions of Single Women in Film.” The Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting Session. Shame, Stigma and Society Panel. August 6, 2021.

“Skipping the Main Course: Depictions of Single Women in Film.” Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction 2021 (Virtual). Meaning Making through Media Representations Panel. August 5, 2021.

“Cat Ladies or Feline Feminists: Representations of Single Women in Film.” Qualitative Analysis Conference 2021, Brescia University College Online. Gender and Feminist Studies Panel. June 22, 2021.

Film and the Single Girl: Depictions of Single Women in Film.” Sociologist for Women in Society (SWS) 20th Semi-Annual Virtual Winter Meeting. Gender in Film, Marketing and Social Media Panel. January 2021.