Memorial University’s Department of Sociology offers a thesis and non-thesis program leading to a Master of Arts degree in Sociology.


Departmental specialties include: social theory, criminology, environmental sociology, social inequality, sociology of gender, sexuality, development, work, culture and health, including occupational health, political sociology and maritime sociology.


The application deadline for the September term start date is February 1st each year. All applications are completed online at the School of Graduate Studies website: http://www.mun.ca/become/graduate/


There are two stages of acceptance into our program. First, the School of Graduate Studies at Memorial University must allow your application. Minimum requirements mean graduation from a recognized institution, with a minimum average of about 68% (GPA about 2.68). English proficiency test requirement and a listing of acceptable standardized tests should be reviewed. Second, there is acceptance by the department itself. The Sociology Graduate Admissions Committee reviews all complete files meeting the academic criteria. The admission process is competitive, requiring that applicants have undergraduate and/or graduate courses or degree in Sociology upon which to build their graduate program. For international students, the Graduate Admissions Committee expects a minimum of First Class Honours academic standing.


Memorial offers competitive funding packages to academically eligible Canadian and International graduate students. Normally, fellowships are $6,850.00 per year (MA students 1 & 2 years) and $11,750.00 (PhD students 4 years), but amounts may vary from year to year. See School of Graduate Studies Fees and Funding for information. Funding for travel to conferences is available from the Graduate Student’s Union as well.


6040 Advanced Quantitative Methods
6041 Advanced Qualitative Methods
6042-49 Special Topics in Advanced Sociology
6090-94 Special Area in Sociology
6120 Social Organization
6130 Social Stratification
6140 The Community
6150 Social Theory
6160 Theory Construction and Explanation in Sociology
6240 Sociology in Medicine
6280 Social and Economic Development
6300 Maritime Sociology
6310 Political Sociology
6320 Gender and Society
6330 Science and Technology
6340 Comparative North Atlantic Societies
6350 Environmental Sociology
6360 Sociology of Work
6370 Feminist Theory and Methods
6380 Women, Nature, Science and Technology
6390 Sociology of Culture
6610 Socialization
6620 Current Topics in Social Behaviour
6880 Sociology Graduate Seminar
6900 Master's Research Paper (6 credit hours)


Acting Head of Department: Dr. Mark Stoddart, AA4055, 709-864-7457, Email: mstoddart@mun.ca

Acting Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Nicole Power, AA4049B, 864-6914, Email: socgradofficer@mun.ca

Secretary: Marina Lethbridge, AA4054, 709-864-7457, Fax: 709-864-2075, Email: sociology@mun.ca

Admin Staff: Ruby Bishop, Room: AA4049E, 709-864-7443, Email: rubyb@mun.ca

SOCIOLOGY SEMINAR SERIES: The department runs a regular seminar series in the Fall and Winter terms with presentations from faculty, graduate students and visiting scholars. These are invaluable opportunities to learn about contemporary issues and debates in Sociology and exchange ideas in a collegial forum.

STUDENT LOUNGE: We have a dedicated space for graduate students (Room AA-4058). This is a shared space that offers a place to work and meet with fellow grad students. Computers are located in the lounge for grad student use. Mail slots for graduate students are also located here. You will be assigned a pass card key to the grad room when you arrive. Other office space may be available on campus so check with Ruby Bishop rubyb@mun.ca

STUDENT FORMS: Change in program, course add/drop, annual supervisory report, etc. can be obtained from the general office. Several of these forms can also be found on the School of Graduate Studies Website: http://www.mun.ca/sgs/current/general_forms.php . Graduation forms are completed for MA by thesis and PhD only. Students should submit required forms for graduation and thesis binding. See School of Graduate Studies website for details.

STUDENT TRAVEL CLAIMS & ADVANCES: Students travelling on University business with support from the Department, Faculty, GSU, or other sources are required to complete the relevant travel advance and travel claim materials according to University policies. To ensure prompt reimbursement, please consult Ruby Bishop for accurate instructions (rubyb@mun.ca) before commencing any travel and/or travel claims