Nora Trask with Cloudberry Forest School: an outdoor school that offers children regular and repeated access to natural woodlands with the support of highly qualified teachers.

Wendy Reid-Fairhurst with CohousingNL: developing a new model for modern housing: shared housing communities for increased social connections, downsized living and environmental sustainability.

Evan Burry with Stormy Shore: aims to preserve culture and history with engaging forms of digital media. The first focus is on the development of a video game based on the Newfoundland Regiment during the Second World War.

Mandy Penney with #RisingYouthPreneur: aims to reduce unemployment and poverty rates among youth with disabilities while increasing the number of young entrepreneurs with disabilities and the number of accessible businesses.

Mariana Jimenez Ojeda and Garrett Melee with Howby: aims to provide a safe and long-lasting home to dogs through value-added training while positively influencing the well-being of people with mental health conditions.

Jessica Spooner with ReWild Wellness: fighting climate change through nature-based programs that help people reconnect to the natural world. It focuses on women, particularly those in vulnerable situations, and offers hiking, life coaching, forest therapy, mood walks and all-inclusive backpacking adventures.

Trevor Bessette with Recycle on the Rock: fighting to decrease plastic pollution in Newfoundland and to educate citizens in the process. The goal is to establish a large network of community drop-off points that enable Newfoundlanders to easily recycle common waste plastics that are currently overlooked by waste management systems

Taejha Young with Renewabli Waste Solutions: aims to create consumer-based waste disposal solutions that are both zero-waste and climate-neutral to up-cycle household food waste into energy.

Lillian Saul with Roots and Wings Fish Co: aims to enhance the viability of Newfoundland small-scale fisheries by expanding local market capacity for cod, an under-utilized fish species–yet quintessential to this province’s history and character.

Hillary King and Wendy Reid-Fairhurst with ReClaim Community CDO: aims to support non-profits, social enterprises, community-led groups, and individuals with great ideas to realize their visions towards enacting change at a local, place-based level.

Chanel Rolle with Museful Teaching Resources: aims to help increase the representation of BIPOC musicians and multicultural classical music by making it more accessible to broader audiences.

Jessie Donaldson with Jesse Dolandson Art: an art farm that provides locals and tourists a place to slow down for general well-being.