Wage subsidy program

se-wage-subsidy-programOur Work Experience in Social Enterprise (WESE) program provides opportunities for students to discover social enterprise through work placements.

Students get valuable hands-on experience while making a meaningful contribution to their social enterprise employers. This innovative program also brings students of different disciplines together to work on the same project within an organization, thereby bringing diverse knowledge and skills to their employers.

Our Wage Subsidy Program supports our partners to hire participants in the Work Experience in Social Enterprise program, thereby gaining access to the skills and knowledge of Memorial students. Partners apply for funding and commit to paying a portion as employer contributions.

* We recognize the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on social enterprises in the province. If you are interested in the wage subsidy but are unable to commit to the employer contribution, please contact us at socialenterprise@mun.ca.

For more information, contact us at socialenterprise@mun.ca.