Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the Wage Subsidy Program, community partners must:

  • Be an existing or new social enterprise (including non-profit organizations developing new revenue-generating activity through trade);
  • Have a clear social mission at the core of their activities;
  • Reinvest profits into the social mission rather than distribute profits to shareholders;
  • Have demonstrable social impact; and
  • Be based in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Host community partners may have any legal form. Startup social enterprises that have not yet registered may be considered.

Community partners must agree to:

  • Provide a meaningful learning opportunity related to the development, growth or sustainability of social enterprise activity;
  • Ensure a suitable and safe work space;
  • Provide adequate supervision and support during the placement; and
  • Provide relevant orientation to introduce the student(s) to their work environment;

In cases where students may be in contact with members of vulnerable populations, community partners are responsible for ensuring that students have the required security and background checks.

If the community partner receives a wage subsidy, all mandatory benefits including vacation pay, employment insurance, workers compensation costs, Canada pension costs, and federal and provincial income taxes are the legal responsibility of the community partner and must be remitted as such. The Centre for Social Enterprise encourages community partners to top up or leverage the wage subsidy.