General guidelines

In order to keep the Social Changemaker Space welcoming for everyone, we ask that you follow these guidelines while you are here:

  1. Be mindful of others working around you.
    • Use headphones if you’re listening to music or participating in a virtual meeting.
    • Keep conversations at a quiet volume.
    • Refrain from wearing any scented products such as lotion, hair spray, perfume or cologne. We have staff members and regular users of the space who are allergic!
    • This is a shared, inclusive space. No bullying or harassment of any kind will be tolerated.

  2. Board rooms should be booked prior to use. Please speak to a CSE staff member to book a room or email
    •  Bookings will take priority over drop-in users. Drop-in users will be asked to vacate any meeting space that has been booked in advance.

  3. Beverages may be consumed anywhere in the space but please be mindful not to spill, and use a beverage container with a lid or cap. If a spill does occur, please be sure to clean it immediately or depending on the amount of spillage, report it to a CSE staff member as it can be a safety hazard.

  4. Any mugs or dishes used must be washed, dried and returned to their cupboards or shelves when you are finished with them.

  5. Refrain from eating. There are other spaces in the Faculty of Business Administration for food consumption.

  6. When you are finished for the day, please return the space to how you found it: push in chairs, put all garbage or recycling in the appropriate receptacles, etc.

  7. All personal items are your responsibility. Please do not leave any personal items or valuables unattended as the CSE will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen belongings.