Dr. Rochelle Côté

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of Toronto)


Ethnic Inequality, Indigenous-Settler Relations, Social Networks, Culture

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Ph: +1 709.864.3758
Em: rrcote[a]mun.ca
Office: AA4057
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Teaching for the 2020/2021 academic year:

SOCI 1000: Introduction to Sociology (6-week Intersession online course)

SOCI 3180: Ethnic Relations in Canada

SOCI 4205: Indigenous Peoples in the City

SOCI 6130: Social Stratification/Social Inequality

Broadly, Dr. Côté’s program of research considers the variable experiences of Indigenous people, ethnic minorities and immigrants as they engage with mainstream society – whether through experiences of migration, social cohesion, or participation in cultural, social and economic venues. Motivated by an interest in mixed methods and cross-national research, her primary work focuses on Indigenous entrepreneurship and participation in mainstream markets. Located within research and theory on social boundaries and social networks, her work explores “walking in two worlds”, the movement across the Indigenous/non-Indigenous boundary.

Dr. Côté has written and presented on many aspects of social support, networks and social capital, reciprocity, ethnic tolerance and Indigenous entrepreneurship. In a professional capacity, she has provided consulting expertise to Nokia, The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC), the Policy Research Initiative, Aboriginal Policing Directorate, the Office of the Federal Interlocutor on Métis and Non-Status Indians and South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. Her research interests include understanding the link between social cohesion and social networks, and the use of social networks and cultural knowledge in Indigenous entrepreneurship.


Institute for Social Science Research, University of Queensland, Australia, Honorary Fellow


Selected Publications:

Côté, Rochelle R., Xianbi Huang, Yangtao Huang and Mark Western. 2019. “Immigrant Network Diversity in the Land of the Fair Go”. Available online Journal of Sociology, forthcoming in print.

Huang, Xianbi, Mark Western, Yanjie Bian, Yaojun Li, Rochelle Côté and Yangtao Huang. 2018. “Social Networks and Subjective Wellbeing in Australia: New Evidence from a National Survey.” Available online in Sociology, forthcoming in print.

Côté, Rochelle R., Jesse Jensen, Louise Roth and Sandra Way. 2015. “The Effects of Gendered Networks on U.S. Migration: A Comparison of 4 Latin American Countries.” Demography 52(3): 989-1015.

Côté, Rochelle R., Bob Andersen and Bonnie H. Erickson. 2015. “Social Capital and Ethnic Tolerance: The Opposing Effects of Diversity and Competition.” The Handbook of Research Methods and Applications on Social Capital, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Côté, Rochelle R. 2012. “Networks of Advantage: Urban Indigenous Entrepreneurship and the Importance of Social Capital”. Edited by D. Newhouse, K. Fitzmaurice, T. McGuire-Adams & D. Jette in Well-Being in the Urban Aboriginal Community. Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing.

Côté, Rochelle R. and Bonnie H. Erickson. 2009. “Untangling the Roots of Tolerance: How Networks, Voluntary Associations, and Personal Attributes Shape Attitudes toward Ethnic Minorities and Immigrants.” American Behavioral Scientist 52(12): 1664-1689.

Côté, Rochelle R., Gabriele Plickert and Barry Wellman. 2009. “Does the Golden Rule, Rule?” Edited by R. Hsung, N. Lin and R. Breiger in Contexts of Social Capital: Social Networks in Communities, Markets and Organizations. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Plickert, Gabriele, Rochelle R. Côté and Barry Wellman. 2007. “Its Not Who You Know, Its How You Know Them: Who Exchanges What With Whom.” Social Networks, 29(3): 405-429.

Matthews, Ralph, and Rochelle R. Côté. 2006. “Understanding Aboriginal Policing in a Social Capital Context.” Social Capital in Action: Thematic Policy Studies. Ottawa: Policy Research Initiative.


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