Linda Cohen

Research Interests
Work / job insecurity/ professions; Health / occupational health; Gender; Family; Qualitative methods; Postsecondary education / teaching, Distance education.
Contact Information
Ph: 709-864-4486
Office: A-4062
Personal Profile

Dr. Cohen’s current research centers on rationalization and work insecurity in Canadian universities. Her recent doctoral fieldwork was a qualitative mixed methods study of the occupational health challenges of job insecurity for contractual university teachers in Atlantic Canada. For this work, she received the MUN Department of Sociology’s PhD Student Writing Prize and was named a fellow of the School of Graduate Studies (MUN) in 2014. Future research interests include comparative studies of protection against work insecurity in varying contexts; retirement and pension planning among the work insecure; and EAP / Human Resources responses to the issues of work insecure workers.

As a per-term and per-course instructor, Dr. Cohen teaches a combination of Principles of Sociology (1000)Sociology 2270: Families, Sociology/ Folklore 2230: Newfoundland Society and Culture, and Sociology 3307: Health at the St. John's campus of Memorial University. She also developed and teaches Sociology 2270: Families and Sociology 3307: Health online. Dr. Cohen occasionally teaches graduate courses in Business (e.g. Gender, Work and Society, Qualitative Methods) and has pinch-hit in Gender Studies (Gendered Politics of Health).


Canadian Sociological Association (CSA)

Canadian Association of Researchers in Work and Health (CARWH)

MUNFA Occupational Health Working Group

Gender Studies Council, Memorial University



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