Signal Hill Science Show

Sep 1st, 2020

Ashley Wright

Signal Hill Science Show

Last Tuesday, members of Memorial’s Johnson Geo Centre launched their take on a virtual talk show live on Facebook, hosting scientists and researchers from the Faculty of Science and beyond. The Signal Hill Science Show, hosted by the Geo Centre’s own event lead, Mike Daly, is a 45 minute interview and demonstration with scientists, professors and researchers. Last week’s episode focused on separating #fakesciencenews with fact and you can expect even more exciting things to come! From monsters to constellations, episodes are aimed at younger viewers to peak their interest in science. This week’s special guest will be Mark D. Barry who will present on Zombie Biochemistry:

There was once a time when the most fearsome monsters could be found in comic books and on the big-screen. The Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein, and more all enamored our imaginations. Then came the Zombie and everything changed. Suddenly there was a monster that looked like us, moved like us, and was relentless in its pursuit of human flesh. Several writers and filmmakers explored the zombie myth, and terrified us with their unyielding stamina and hunger. The question that plagued our nightmares, however, has always been ‘Are Zombies real?’ In a word – Yes!

Join us on Thursday, September 3rd at 7pm for the next installation of the Signal Hill Science Show, when our guest will be Dr. Mark Berry. Dr. Berry will chat about how the zombie mythology began and its real-life origins. Discover how an innocent-looking little fish played an integral role in creating the modern zombie, and how that same fish cast its influence on two different cultures a world apart as both a cultural culinary delicacy and the dangerous, toxic ingredient that can bend humans from healthy people to subservient zombies.

Here are some of the upcoming topics to look out for, dates are yet to be scheduled:

Kitchen Chemistry – Chemistry is not just confined to the laboratory. Join Dr. Scott Harding to find out how we use chemistry in our everyday lives, and how something as simple as cooking an egg is actually a great example of chemistry and biochemical reactions that we experience in our very own kitchens.

Gastrointestinal Greatness! – Dr. Chris Kozak explores how our gastrointestinal system works, using its most taboo and recognizable function – the fart! Whether it elicits giggles or disgust, the fart is an important function that helps regulate our bodies. Find out the science behind them, and how one man turned his talent for farting into a career that made him a star!

Astronomy and the Computer – Dr. Terrence Tricco explores how the advent of computers and their processing power have changed the way we perceive and understand the universe. Find out how computer models have helped us explore farther and deeper into space than ever before, and how they have changed our perception of the known and unknown universe.

Constellation, Now and Then – Dr. Mike Morrow joins us and shows us how to build a star-finder. Using this star-finder, participants will be able to get more out of star-gazing, see the night sky in a new and exciting way, and understand the role that constellations have played throughout history.

Kitchen Physics – Dr. Kris Poduska discusses everyday uses of physics, and shows us how to grow crystals in our very own home. Find out more about the power of crystals and the role they play in innocuous functions in our everyday lives.

You can visit the Geo Centre’s Facebook page for the most up-to-date Signal Hill Science Show content.