Business & Arts NL

Fuelling enterprises with the arts and empowering the arts to be more enterprising

Business and Arts NL is a membership-based nonprofit organization, working to bring people together to create a place where the arts are valued, integral and sustainable for the benefit of all Newfoundlanders and Labaradorians.

Our members are artists, arts organizations, and individuals and organizations from across the private, public, and community sector who believe that the arts are a significant and necessary part of a thriving community. The arts have intrinsic value and contribute to a broad range of economic and social goals, including:

  • Creating jobs and developing skills
  • Attracting and retaining businesses
  • Revitalising places
  • Attracting visitors
  • Building community pride and social cohesion
  • Encouraging public dialogue
  • And a whole lot more

Our suite of programs builds a two-way flow of resources, creativity and know-how between the arts and the community.


Amy Henderson, Executive Director
Phone: (709) 745-1611