The Conference Centre offers not only stunning physical space, but also the latest in digital technologies, from classic plug & play AV-setups to live-streaming and video-conferencing.

All our venues feature the following components:

  • Presentation or digital media content from house PC or laptop
  • WiFi (public & Memorial network)
  • Wireless collaboration and sharing with
    Mersive Solstice TM
  • Sound system

The following additional features are available in selected rooms:

  • Videoconferencing - Polycom or standard PC-based solutions (Conference Hall and select meeting rooms)
  • Telephone audioconferencing (Conference Hall and select meeting rooms)
  • Wireless Assistive Listening (Conference Hall)
  • Live streaming (Conference Hall)
  • Stereo sound reinforcement with multiple (wireless) microphone options (Conference Hall)
  • Streaming music services (Conference Hall, Atrium)
  • Ready for simultaneous translation and interpretation technologies (Conference Hall)

  • Number of screens per space: Conference Hall (5) | Atrium (2 + Video wall) | Small/ Medium Meeting Rooms (1 each) | Large Meeting Rooms (2 each) |Dining (1)