The School of Graduate Studies would like to thank the many individuals who provided assistance with the creation of the Graduate Research Integrity Program (GRIP).

The following people were central to the program's design and development:
Ms. Nancy Earle, School of Graduate Studies
Ms. Allyson Hajek, Instructional Development Office
Mr. Fred Hollingshurst, Centre for Academic and Media Services
Dr. Chet Jablonski, School of Graduate Studies
Dr. Gregory Kealey, School of Graduate Studies Ms. Elizabeth Noseworthy, School of Graduate Studies
Dr. Daryl Pullman, Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Abraham Ross, School of Graduate Studies
Dr. Jo Shawyer, Department of Geography
Dr. Ban Younghusband, Faculty of Medicine

For providing advice and feedback on case studies, we would like to thank:
Dr. Bob Adamec, Department of Psychology
Dr. Russ Adams, Department of Psychology
Mr. Peter Barnes, School of Graduate Studies
Dr. Neil Bose, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Dr. Joe Brown, Aquaculture and Biopsychology Programs
Dr. John de Bruyn, Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography
Dr. Noreen Golfman, Department of English Language and Literature
Dr. Mahmoud Haddara, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Dr. Lenka Husa, Animal Care Services
Mr. Kevin Kane, Safety and Environmental Services
Mr. Dave King, Genesis Group Inc.
Dr. Penny Moody-Corbett, Faculty of Medicine
Ms. Anna Muselius, Department of Linguistics
Dr. Peter Pickup, Department of Chemistry
Dr. Glenn Rowe, Faculty of Business Administration
Dr. Tim Seifert, Faculty of Education
Dr. John Sheih, Department of Computer Science
Ms. Nancy Simmons, Division of University Relations
Dr. Peter Sinclair, Department of Sociology
Dr. Peter Trnka, Department of Philosophy

For reviewing the GRIP manual and providing feedback, we would like to thank:
Dr. David Brodbeck, Department of Psychology, Research Ethics Board, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College
Dr. Sharon Buehler, Faculty of Medicine, and Human Investigation Committee
Dr. Barbara Cox, Office of Research
Dr. Gordon Inglis, Department of Anthropology, and Interdisciplinary Committee on Ethics in Human Research
Dr. Kevin Keough, vice-president research
Mr. Darrin Newton, Graduate Students' Union
Dr. Evan Simpson, vice-president academic

For contributing to the making of the GRIP video, we would like to thank:
Mr. Trevor Avery
Ms. Ingrid Botting
Mr. Mike Burton
Ms. Debbie Curtis
Dr. Claude Daley
Mr. Jason Davis
Ms. Penny Dowedoff
Mr. James Drover
Mr. John Drover
Ms. Nadine Hogan
Ms. Nansy Jean-Baptiste
Mr. Albert Johnson
Ms. Melanie LaFosse
Ms. Susan Molloy
Mr. Pablo Navarro
Mr. Scott Stafford
Mr. Sutardi
Mr. Keith Vokey
Ms. Kimberley Walsh
Mr. Paul Winger



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