Courtney Laprise

Program of Study: Bachelor of Science (Chemistry and Earth Sciences)

Courtney Laprise is in her fourth and final year of a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Chemistry and Earth Sciences. Since starting her undergraduate studies at Memorial in 2013, Courtney has exhibited exemplary academic excellence in her studies while becoming an active student within the Faculty of Science.

At Memorial, Courtney has strived to be a leader in both her academic studies and community. Courtney has volunteered for the Bridge Building Day at the Johnson Geo Centre, educating youth about minerals and how to identify them. She is also currently volunteering with the chemistry department to assist with the organization of ChemCon 2017. Courtney is part of the food, venue, and events committee, which is responsible for finding food and venues for all of the conference meals and breaks as well as plan the nightly events during the conference. This is in addition to the fundraising and general volunteering with the group in order to plan the event. Courtney also designed the logo for the conference, which will be placed on all ChemCon 2017 merchandise and promotional items.

Courtney’s passion for sciences extends beyond time spent on campus. During the summer of 2016, Courtney worked with the Biogeochemistry of Boreal Ecosystems Research Group (BBERG) as a student research assistant. Her work in this group centred on involves determining the stoichiometry of atmospheric inputs to boreal forest watersheds. She has also helped perform fluoride analysis on crushed rocks and soil samples with the NL Geological Survey’s Natural Resources Geochemical Lab.

Throughout her undergraduate studies, Courtney has received several distinguished awards and scholarships, including:

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland Endowment Fund Scholarship (2013-14)
  • Hebron Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship (2014-15)
  • Hugh J. Anderson Chemistry Scholarship (2014-15)
  • Williams Science Scholarship (2014-15)
  • Chevron Canada Ltd. Term Scholarship in Business, Earth Sciences, Economics and Engineering (2015-16)
  • Dr. Douglas L. Cooper Memorial Scholarship (2015-16)
  • Chevron Canada Ltd. Term Scholarship in Business, Earth Sciences, Economics and Engineering (2016-17)
  • General Rick Hillier Scholarship in Science and Leadership (2016-17)


Scholarships / Bursaries / Awards and other Financial Aid

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