Andrey Zelenskiy


Program of Study: Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Andrey is in his third year of his Bachelor of Science with an honours in Chemistry and Physics. He has been keeping busy balancing of the equation of success: academics, extra-curriculars, and research. It is clear that the amount of work and energy that he has committed to his distinction as a student produces a remarkable result.

Before coming to our university, Andrey had already demonstrated proficiency in his area of interest. Three months before his graduation in Kazakhstan, he presented his project in ecological chemistry in three different conferences, from municipal to international level, in the latter he placed second. Demonstrating his prowess he took to endeavoring an honours program at Memorial University. Andrey has performed extremely well academically by achieving a 4.0 GPA. Establishing this equilibrium of being a showcased student, he has further involved his interests by devoting countless hours to research. He has maintained five different MUCEP positions between the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography. Additionally, in the summer of 2017, he and Dr. Guy Quirion received one of ten USSIP (University Summer Student Internship Program) research grants for a research project on “Ordering and magnetic phases in frustrated triangular antiferromagnets” in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Further from this, the results were presented at the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (CUPC) in Ottawa during fall 2017. Andrey’s research interests are most embedded in magnetic materials and computational science. Undoubtedly, his previous experience will only lend itself to continued excellence.

Beyond time spent on campus, Andrey is also a devoted member to other associations, religious groups, and societies. Most notably, Andrey is a member of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship where he was a part of the executive team in the 2016-2017 academic year. Currently, he is the vice-president of the Physics and Physical Oceanography Society (PAPOS). Lastly, tied in very closely with his research interests and academic focus, he is a member of the Canadian Association of Physicists and the American Chemical Society.

In completing his undergraduate, Andrey has been the recipient of numerous distinguished awards, including:

  • Dr. Arthur May Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship (2017)
  • Dr. Douglas L. Cooper Memorial Scholarship (2017)
  • Dr. and Mrs. Satti Paddi and Parvati Reddy Memorial Scholarship in Physics (2017)
  • International Undergraduate Academic Award (2016-2017)
  • Murray H. Brooker Scholarship in excellence in Chemistry (2016)
  • Hugh Anderson Scholarship (2015, 2017)
  • Noel Scholarship (2016)


Scholarships / Bursaries / Awards and other Financial Aid

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