Recent Dissertations

Below are thesis titles and work projects that illustrate the breadth of topics that our Graduate students explore. Beside each title is the degree awarded Ph.D., M.Sc., or MPSC (formerly denoted MASP).


Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Substance Use Symptoms. (Ph.D.)

When a Half and a Half are not a Whole: Putting Word Problems into Context. (Ph.D.)

Predictors of Depression in Older Adults with Multiple Sclerosis. (PsyD.)

An Investigation of the Impact of a Workshop Teaching Advanced Skills for Working with Eating Disorders, Using Theories of Behaviour Change. (PsyD.)

Body Image in Men: The Impact of Drive for Muscularity and Drive for Thinness on Depression, Social Physique Anxiety, Self-Esteem, and Behavioural Factors in Male Health and Fitness Trainees. (PsyD.)

Mindfulness Training and Medical Residents: Effects of Psychological Wellbeing and Patient Care. (PsyD.)

Interrater Reliability in Reporting Practices in Published Forensic Psychological Research: A Descriptive Study. (MPSC)

Clientele Preferences: Streamlining Programs and Services Offered by the Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador. (MPSC)

Circadian Rhythms in Adolescence: The Relationship Between Sleep Factors, Eating Behaviours and Stress on Cognitive Functioning in an Adolescent Population. (MPSC)

Predictors of Satisfaction with Self-Esteem at Emmanuel House. (MPSC)

Qualitative Interviews with Community Supports Program Users. (MPSC)

Perception of Healthcare Services Provided by The Gathering Place. (MPSC)

Evaluation of RDC’s EmployR&D/IRDF Program. (MPSC)


Examining Associative and Non-Associative Fear Memories in the Rat Exposure Test. (M.Sc.)

A Comparison of Two Automated Devices that Measure Refractive Error. (M.Sc.)

In Vivo Optogenetic Activation of Locus Coeruleus and Consequent Effects on Perforant Path Evoked Potentials in Dentate Gyrus. (M.Sc.)

Ethopharmacological Approaches to the Study of Fear Learning and Memory: Focus on the MTOR Kinase Pathway and Predator Stress Models. (M.Sc.)

The Peace Model of Investigative Interviewing: A Comparison of Trained and Untrained Interviewers. (M.Sc.)

I Believe in a Thing Called Emotion: Effects of Valence on Memory Monitoring and Performance. (M.Sc.)

Examining Emotion Regulation in Binge Eating Disorder. (M.Sc.)

Seeking or Suggesting the Truth? An Examination of Canadian Lawyers’ Questioning Practices. (M.Sc.)

An Exploration of Decision-Making by Individuals who have Received Specialized Treatment for Early Psychosis. (PsyD.)

Predicting Psychological Distress in an At-Risk Youth Sample: Is Self-Compassion a Medicating Variables? (PsyD.)

An Examination of the Integrated Cognitive Affective Model and Weight Regain in Obesity: A Pilot Study. (PsyD.)

Shame and Self-Compassion in Predicting Weight Loss Maintenance and Weight Regain. (PsyD.)

Early Autobiographical Memory Specificity, Depression and trauma in Older Adults. (PsyD.)

Exploring the Roles of Social Support and Community Belonging in Relation to the Severity and Duration of Depression in Canadian Seniors. (PsyD)

Are We There Yet? Pilot Study of a Self-Directed Web-Based Mindfulness Intervention as an Adjunct to an Undergraduate Academic Course. (PsyD)


Child Anxiety, Resiliency, and the FRIENDS for Life Program. (M.Sc.)

Perceptions of Health Care: Perspectives from Adolescents with Physical Disabilities and Their Parents. (M.Sc.)

Modality Effects and Echoic Memory: A Comparison of Modality Effect Performance in Children: How Reading Achievement performance is Influenced by Echoic Memory. (M.Sc.)

Can Practitioners Use Parental Stage of Change and Perceived Barriers to Treatment Predictors of Adherence with an Early Intervention Program. (M.Sc.)

The Production Effect: The Role of Attentional Resources. M.Sc.
Megacognitive Monitoring During Category Learning: How Success Affects Future Behaviour.

The Effect of Social Influence Tactics on Information Provision in Witness Interviews. (M.Sc.)

Individual Difference and Task Factors Related to Multitasking Success. (M.Sc.)

The Effect of Note Taking on Memory for Details in Investigative Interviews. (Ph.D.)

Visual Learning: The Effect of Sketching on Recall of a Witnesses’ Account. (Ph.D.)

Home Reading Environment, Maternal Shared Book Reading Styles and Picture Book Reading Intervention in China. (Ph.D.)

Describing and Predicting Negative Social Interactions in a Canadian National Sample. (MPSC)

Literacy Numeracy teaching (LNT) Program Evaluation. (MPSC)

Societal Lifestyle Issues: Perceived Socioeconomic Status and Anxiety. (MPSC)

Tommy Sexton Centre Short-Term Emergency Shelter Evaluation. (MPSC)

Correlates of Successful Aging: A Descriptive Analysis. (MPSC)

Evaluation of an Eight Year Inter-Professional Practice-Based Learning Program for Pre-Licensure Pharmacy Students. (MPSC)

Attachment Styles, Psychological Functioning, and Resilience Factors Among Street-Involved Youth: Describing Youth Who Access Community Agency Support. (PsyD)

Associations Between Depression, Trauma and Earliest Autobiographical Memories. (PsyD)

E-Storybooks and Paper Storybooks for Preschoolers: Effects on Attention, Learning and Engagement. (PsyD)

The Weight and Shape Checking Inventory (WSCI): Establishing the Psychometric Properties of a New Measure of Body Checking. (PsyD)


Robust Stress Response Does Not Alter Cell Proliferation and Survival in Adult Rat Hippocampus After Acute Predator Stress. (M.Sc.)

Overweight and Obesity and Risky Sexual Behavior Among Canadian Adolescents. (M.Sc.)

Age-Friendly Community Capacity Building in Newfoundland and Labrador. (Ph.D.)

Health Outcomes Associated with Attending Church, Praying, and Religiosity are Moderated by Religious, Spiritual, and Atheist Identities. (Ph.D.)

Police Officer Communication Accommodation, Trust, and Attitudes Toward Information Provision. (MASP)

Investigating the Effect of a “Learning to Learn” Course on Graduation Rates in a Sample of Canadian Undergraduate Students. (MASP)


A Multidimensional Profile of Canadians with Social Anxiety Disorder: Sociodemographics, Social Support, and Stress. (Ph.D.)

Maladaptive Coping Strategies in Health Professional Students Dealing with Stress. (PsyD).

Nature and Nurture: The Role of Math Experiences and Personality Traits in Math Anxiety. (PsyD)


Action Conceptions and the Enactment Effect. (M.Sc.)

Motivational Characteristic Differences Between Procedural and Conceptual Fraction Learners. (M.Sc.)

Drug and Alcohol Misuse, Depressive and Anxious Symptoms and Self-Management. (M.Sc.)

An Evaluation of Child Interviewing Practices in Canada: A Field Study of One Police Organization. (M.Sc.)

Systemic Inhibition of mTOR Kinase via Rapamycin Disrupts Consolidation and Reconsolidation of Auditory Fear Memory. (M.Sc.)

The Influence of Quality of Relationships on the Links Between Cognitive and Behavioural Variables Associated with the Development of Depression in Youth. (Ph.D.)

Multifaceted Origins of Child Social Anxiety: Assessing Temperamental and Psychological Vulnerabilities. (M.Sc.)

Illicit Drug Use and SES: A Canadian Perspective on Health and Psychological Well-Being. (MASP)

Social Support, Older Adults and Distress: Employed vs. Unemployed. (MASP)

HIV Testing: A Qualitative Review of point-of-Care Testing Models in three Canadian Provinces. (MASP)

Evaluation of the OTT Program to Assess the Program=s Overall Impact on Newfoundland and Labrador Women Working in Non-Traditional Fields. (MASP)

Giving and Receiving Long Distance Care: Adult Children and Aging Parents. (MASP)

A Similar Disease but Different Impacts: Predicting Mental Health in Insulin Dependent Diabetics and Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetics (MASP)

Measuring and Predicting Police Caution Comprehension in Adult Offenders and the Relationship to Cognitive Functions. (PsyD)

The Effect of the Mental Illness Label and Characteristics of Persons with Mental Illness on Police Officer Attitudes and Behavioral Responses. (PsyD)

Come From Away, Far Away: The Lived Experience of International Students in a Predominantly Homogeneous Host Culture. (PsyD)

Do Lesions to the DTN and LMN Cause Rats (Rattus norvegicus) to Lose Their Way? (M.Sc. - CABE)

Patterns of marine bird biodiversity and habitat use in the Gulf of Maine (M.Sc. - CABE)

Communication during co-attendance time in Common Murre (Uria aalge) pairs during chick rearing (M.Sc. - CABE)

Ecological separation of murres (Uria lomvia and U. aalge) during the non-breeding season in the North West Atlantic Ocean (Ph.D. - CABE)


An Examination of the Relationship Between Emotion Regulation and Alexithymia.  (M.Sc.)

A Comparison of Absolute Identification and Function Learning.  (M.Sc.)

Inhibition of mTOR Kinase via Rapamycin Blocks Persistent Predator Stress-Induced Hyperarousal.  (M.Sc.)

The Role of Situation Model Dimensions in Math Word Problems.  (M.Sc.)

Headed in the Right Direction: Start Point Orientation and Direction Learning in Rats.  (M.Sc.)

Analysis of Phonological Development and Reading Acquisition in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Where Does Comprehension get Lost?  (M.Sc.)

Drug Treatment Courts in Canada: A Qualitative Review of Program Success. (MASP)

Can Implicit Arousal Attitudes Toward Alcohol Predict Alcohol-Related Criminal Activity?  (MASP)

School Climate Survey Results for the Department of Education of Newfoundland and Labrador.  (MASP)



The Effect of Response Cost and the Control of Species Typical Behaviour on a Daily Time-Place Learning Task. (M.Sc.)

Anxiety Predictors Across Child Development: The Role of Parental Overprotection and Child Locus of Control. (M.Sc.)

A Field Study of Police Officers' Use of the Cognitive Interview Before and After Training. (M.Sc.)

When Does Length Cause the Word Length Effect? (Ph.D.)

Parent-Child Discussions of Crime. (Ph.D.)

Improving the Comprehension of Canadian Police Cautions. (Ph.D.)

The Effects of Food Security on Physical and Mental Health in Canada. (M.Sc.)

The Effect of Background Television on Attention and Learning in 3-Year-Old Children. (M.Sc.)

Affective Priming of Music and Words. (M.Sc.)

Coping with Negative Repetitive Thought: An Investigation of Mindfulness and Self-Management Skills in Relation to Worry and Rumination. (M.Sc.)

Assessing Knowledge Mobilization for the Harris Centre. (MASP)

The Quality of Performance Measurement Practices in Government. (MASP)

Marketing Strategies with Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support at Memorial. (MASP)

Determining the Effects of the Progressive Family Growth Benefit and Parental Support Benefit in Newfoundland and Labrador. (MASP)


Initial Development and Validation of the Coping Styles Questionnaire for Traumatic Events (CSQTE). (M.Sc.)

Glucocorticoids are Required for Extinction of Predator Stress-Induced Hyperarousal. (M.Sc.)

The Relationship Between Vision and Memory in Older Adults. (M.Sc.)

Examining the Construct of Childhood Parentification: An Empirical Investigation. (M.Sc.)

Distance Education and Learning Technologies' Students' Use of Communication Technology and Social Networks. (MASP)

Assessment of the Impacts of the Community Youth Network in Newfoundland and Labrador. (MASP)

Internal and External Evaluation Quality in Government. (MASP)

Can Birthweight, Weight-for-Gestational Age, and Early Weight Gain Predict Preschool Weights Status? (MASP)

Glutamatergic Activation of Locus Coeruleus Induces Selective Noradrenergic Modulation of Medial and Lateral Perforant Path Evoked Potentials iin the Dentate Gyrus of the Anaesthetized Rat. (M.Sc.)

A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Background Television on 6- and 12-Month-Old Infants' Attention During Play. (Ph.D.)


Contextual Control Over Flavour Avoidance and Flavour Aversion by Visual Cues. (M.Sc.)

Stress and the Development of Disordered Eating in Rats. (Ph.D.)

Catastrophizing: A Predictor of Depressive Symptoms in Children. (M.Sc.)

Psychosocial and Health-Related Predictors of Body Image Dissatisfaction: A Quantitative and Qualitative Approach. (M.Sc.)

The Effects of Electrode Location and Baseline Anxiety on Kindling-Induced Anxiety in the Rat. (M.Sc.)

An Assessment of Response, Direction, and Place learning by Rats in a Water T-Maze. (M.Sc.)

Survey Analysis of a Component of the Excellence in Mathematics Strategy in Newfoundland and Labrador: The Numeracy Support Teachers. (MASP)

Kids Eat Smart Foundation: Getting Smart on Evaluation. (MASP)

Assessing the Community Wellbeing of Off-Reserve Mi'kmaq Indians in Newfoundland. (MASP)

Professional Learning Needs of Newfoundland and Labrador K-12 School Principals. (MASP)

Implementing 24-Hour Snow Clearing on Newfoundland: The Data, the Decision Process, and the Social Consequences. (MASP)

An Extension of Aversive Racism Theory: Are Asian Students Judged Guiltier of Academic Misconduct Than Their Caucasian Counterparts? (M.Sc.)

Empirical Tests of the Homology Assumption on Criminal Profiling. (M.Sc.)


Exploring Safety Behaviours in the Newfoundland Fibreglass Boat-Building Industry: A Community Based Study (Ph.D.)

Sustained Attention Training in Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (Ph.D.)

Influences on Young Adults' Earliest Memory and Memory Fluency. (M.Sc.)

Modeling Burglars' Occupancy Decisions: Fast and Frugal or Rational and Complex? (M.Sc.)

An Attempt to Experimentally Demonstrate the Attractiveness Bias. (M.Sc.)

The Role of the Read Through Variant of Acetylcholinesterase in Anxiogenic Effects of Predator Stress in Mice. (M.Sc.)

Memorial Organization of Objects by Shape Similarity: Clustering and Interresponse Time Effects in Free Emission and Free Recall. (M.Sc.)

Initial Reading Acquisition and Phonological Development: A Developmental Sequence. (M.Sc.)

Working Memory Capacity and Age as Determinants of Performance in the Balls and Boxes Puzzle. (M.Sc.)

Profiling the Problem Gambler: The Impact of Gender on Social Support and Gambling Severity. (MASP)

Influence of Previous Collaboration Experience and Academic Degree Type on Memorial University Graduate Students’ Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Collaboration. (MASP)

Identifying Workforce Trends in the Newfoundland and Labrador Forestry Sector. (MASP)

An Evaluation of Cultural Connections: A Fine Arts and Cultural Strategy for the K-12 Education System in Newfoundland and Labrador. (MASP)

Comparing Low Income in Cape Breton Census Metropolitan Area with Low Income in Four other Nova Scotia Census Metropolitan Areas. (MASP)


What the Public Wants From Their Professional: Attitudes Towards Decision Making. (M.Sc.)

Stress-Activated Hormonal Response Following Predator Stress Mediates the Precipitation of Long Lasting Changes in Affective Behavior in Rats. (M.Sc.)

Learning and Memory in Maternally-Reared and Maternally-Deprived Pigs (Sus scrofa) (M.Sc.)

Noradrenergic Long-Term Potentiation of Population Spike and EPSP Slope in Rat Dentate Gyrus Require Temporal Pairing of Noradrenergic and Gluamatergil Signals. (M.Sc.)

Prior Education and Success of Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Recruits on the General Aptitude Test Battery. (MASP)

Internationally Educated Health Professionals: Why They Come, Why They Stay, and the Challenges They Face. (MASP)

Tailoring Work-Life Balance Seminars to Employee Populations: Preliminary Research Conducted with the Newfoundland and Labrador Division of the Canadian Mental Health Association. (MASP)

Memorial's Undergraduate Career Experience Program: On-Campus Student Employment and Success Results from Ten Semesters of Data Collection. (MASP)

Education and Privacy of Personal Health Information (PHI): Bridging the Gap Between Legislation and Practice. (MASP)

Relationship Between Psycho-Social Variables and Problem Gambling Behaviours in the Canadian Adult Population. (MASP)

Northern Ontario School of Medicine: Report on the 2007 Interviews. (MASP)


Nmda receptors and pCREB - Their role in brain and behavioural changes after stress. (Ph.D.)

New screening program for the detection of amblyopia and other early visual disorders in toddlers and preschool children. (Ph. D.)

Attachment and goal orientation as predictors of university students' academic help-seeking intentions. (M.Sc.)

Surface location has priority over distal and local cues for place learning in translational problems for the rat: A behavioural and neurobiological assessment. (M.Sc.)

Factors related to pre-literacy skills among low SES preschoolers: The contribution of parenting stress and attachment on early narrative ability. (M.Sc.)

Racial profiling as a consequence of the use of an affect heuristic by law enforcement officials. (M.Sc.)

Changes in perforant path - dentate gyrus evoked potentials during classical fear conditioning in the anesthetized rat. (M.Sc.)

Prior educaion and success of Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Recruits on the General Aptitude Test Battery. (MASP)

Labrador-transportation strategy survey. (MASP)

Attitudes towards interprofessional collaboration: A comparison of students, faculty and preceptors. (MASP)

Lone parenting and the experience of social exclusion and inclusion: A qualitative analysis of single mothers' exclusionary and inclusionary experiences with poverty and social assistance systems in Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador. (MASP)

Restructuring health care services in Newfoundland and Labrador: Using national survey data to assess the effect of regionalization on health status and unmet health care needs. (MASP)