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Procedure for Establishing a Harlow Campus Program

Approval Date: 2018-10-03

Effective Date: 2018-10-03

Responsible Unit: Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)


The Activity Coordinator responsible for a proposed Harlow Campus program ("the program") shall submit an Expression of Interest form to their Department Head and/or Dean's Office prior to the proposed date of study, a minimum of 13 months before the program date is recommended. The Expression of Interest form shall then be forwarded by the Department Head and/or Dean's Office to the Harlow Campus General Manager.

The Activity Coordinator must then seek formal approval for the program following the normal academic processes within the specific units.

Once a program has been approved by the Activity Coordinator's Dean, the Activity Coordinator shall contact the Harlow Campus General Manager to request to book the facility, providing the program dates, expected size of the group and the names of employees who will be accompanying the group. Once the booking is confirmed by Harlow Campus, the Activity Coordinator shall proceed to promote the program to students with support provided by the academic unit.

A minimum of six months lead time for program approval is recommended; applications to host a program at Harlow Campus received after this date will be considered as time and resources allow. The Registrar's Office shall be informed by the Activity Coordinator's unit of the program registration requirements. The registration in a Harlow-based course is restricted to students who apply and are accepted to the program, thus normally registration is completed via the add/drop form.

Harlow Campus will block-book rooms for anticipated students and apartments for anticipated instructors, and provide the Activity Coordinator a list of the room types and apartment(s) reserved.

At least two months prior to the start of the program, the Activity Coordinator shall provide the Harlow Campus General Manager with all room-share assignments for students, providing details on type of room (Maltings: single, shared twin standard/large; Cabot House: single, shared twin). At this juncture the Activity Coordinator must also provide details on instructors and accompanying family (if applicable).

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