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Approval Date: 2021-12-02

Effective Date: 2013-08-01

Review Date: 2025-12-02


The Vice-President (Administration and Finance), the Vice-President (Grenfell), and the Vice-President (Marine Institute).


To provide a safe and healthy work and study environment for employees, students and visitors. 


Applies to:

  • all University facilities and property with the exception of the Harlow Campus;
  • all University employees, students and visitors; and,
  • all external organizations using or contemplating use of University facilities.


“Smoke" or "smoking" means:

  1. to smoke, hold or otherwise have control over an ignited tobacco product or ignited cannabis,
  2. to inhale or exhale vapour from an e-cigarette or to hold or otherwise have control over an activated e-cigarette, or
  3. to inhale or exhale vapour or smoke from a water pipe or to hold or  otherwise have control over an activated water pipe;


Smoking is prohibited in any indoor or enclosed spaces, university vehicles and on property occupied by Memorial University. This policy is in accordance with the Smoke Free Environment Act.

All members of the university community attending university sponsored activities and field schools must follow the laws and customs of the country or area they are in regarding the smoking of tobacco or cannabis.

To promote the health and wellness of Memorial’s students and employees, Memorial University offers education and support services to assist with smoking cessation. Smoking cessation programs are available through various resources on campus.

This policy is in effect 24 hours a day. The entire university community will ensure the implementation of, and compliance with, this policy.


Individuals found to be non-compliant with this policy may be subject to disciplinary and/or non-disciplinary action. Individuals who contravene this procedure may be banned from the university on such conditions and/or for such duration as determined by the university and in accordance with the Petty Trespass Act.

Smoking and the use of cannabis, tobacco, and smoking related products for religious, cultural, medicinal or other grounds protected by the Human Rights Act will be accommodated.

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There are no procedures associated with this policy.

For inquiries related to this policy:

Office of the Chief Risk Officer: (709) 864 - 6216


Vice-President (Administration & Finance)



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Effective Date: 2013-08-01
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Effective Date: 2011-08-01
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