Pre-Med Summer Institute

The Pre-Med Summer Institute is an intensive, non-credit program offered to undergraduate students who are seriously considering applying to medical school at Memorial University. The program accepts one candidate from each of the co-sponsoring Indigenous communities.

Successful candidates are placed in the Labrador Health Centre in Happy Valley Goose Bay where they interact with physicians, residents, and medical students and learn more about the medical profession.

Each participant:

  • Explores life as a medical student, resident and physician
  • Is mentored by a physician or medical student
  • Gains insights on health, health care, Indigenous health and the practice of medicine in rural and remote communities
  • Improves their chances for acceptance into medical school

The Pre-Med Summer Institute is sponsored jointly by the Faculty of Medicine and Labrador-Grenfell Health Authority, with co-support from the Innu Nation of Labrador, Miawpukek First Nation, Nunatsiavut Inuit, Nunatukavut Southern Inuit and the Qalipu First Nation.