The mandate of the Global Health and Health Equity Program is to:

  • Support the development, and facilitate the delivery of, curriculum content in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education to raise awareness and ensure learners meet expected competencies relating to global health, social justice and health equity
  • Develop and support safe and ethical observerships, practicums/internships and research opportunities in low resource and international locations
  • Prepare learners for cross-cultural experiences and international travel
  • Enhance understanding and respect for cultural differences and promote skills for culturally responsive research and practice
  • support the development of policies and processes to increase entry of learners from low income and historically excluded groups to the undergraduate medical program
  • Support the development and maintenance of respectful partnerships in the promotion of health equity at home and abroad
  • Advocate for equity, justice and fair access to health care for vulnerable or marginalized populations
  • Advocate broadly for attention to global health and equity issues