Before you apply:

  • Start planning 6 to 9 months ahead. Some locations require a minimum of 6 months to process an application from non-national applicants.
  • Identify your personal and professional objectives.
  • Discuss your interests with Faculty. Meet with the Clerkship Coordinator or Clerkship staff to discuss how your elective fits your program and discuss the approval process. Contact the UGME Selectives and Electives team here:
  • Talk with other learners who went on international electives/selectives in the past, especially those who went to the same country or institution you're considering.
  • Don't forget to budget. Consider the cost of travel and research potential funding sources.
  • Choose potential locations and contact Program Coordinators and Preceptors as soon as possible. Get detailed information on the location, including visa requirements and accommodation options. Find out about Preceptors' specialty and experiences, and the licensing requirements, liability insurance and documentation required by the host institution. Ensure you know how long their application process takes and plan your application accordingly.

Submitting your Application:

  • Fill and submit the necessary applications for the host institution (Reminder: you may need to apply 6-9 months or more in advance of your planned elective in some locations.)
  • Make sure you find out the expected time for a response on your application, and that you have a specific name and contact information with whom you can follow up if necessary.
  • Submit your UGME application at least three months prior to your intended departure. You must include your host approval and any material associated with an international application.
  • Contact the Global Health and Health Equity Coordinator at to inform the Global Health Office (GHO) of your planned elective abroad and to initiate your pre-departure preparation and training. Fill and attach the Global Health Application Form, as well as your host approval and UGME application confirmation. If you do not yet have all the information to complete the Global Health Application Form, you may delay submission but must contact the GHO with the other attachments at this time.


Postgraduates traveling for Team Broken Earth and other global health initiatives should gain approval FROM BOTH THEIR Program Director and the PGME Associate Dean through the completion of the Global Health Authorization form. Once approved, contact the Global Health and Health Equity Coordinator to inform the Global Health Office of your planned travel abroad and to initiate pre-departure preparation and training. Attach your completed and approved Global Health Authorization form and send to