• March 9, 1961
    Board of Regents approves the establishment of the Institute of Social and Economic Research.

  • October 7, 1961
    Installation of Roy Thomson as Second Chancellor of MUN.

  • October 9, 1961
    Official Opening of the new St. John's Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • January 9, 1964
    Board of Regents approves the construction of two new academic buildings on the Elizabeth Avenue campus in St. John's: an Arts and Education building and a science building (to be constructed at the rear of the present Science Building).

  • January 14, 1964
    Official Opening of the College of Fisheries, Navigation, Marine Engineering and Electronics.

  • September 21, 1964
    Official unveiling by her Royal Highness the Princess Royal of the War Memorial Plaque, a gift to the university by the Newfoundland Command of the Royal Canadian Legion. The plaque is located in the Founders' Gallery in the lobby of the Arts and Administration Building.

  • September 20, 1965
    Premier Smallwood announces free tuition for all first-year students who are residents of the province.

  • November 21, 1967
    Lord Bowden of Chesterfield gave the F.W. Angel Lecture entitled "The Problem of the University in the Modern Society."

  • February 24, 1968
    Installation of Lord Taylor as President and Vice-Chancellor of Memorial University, and M.O. Morgan as Vice-President and Pro-Chancellor of the University.

  • March 1, 1968
    Professor Northrop Frye gave the E.J. Pratt Lecture entitled "Silence of the Sea" at the Little Theatre, Memorial University.

  • May 25, 1968
    Official opening of the Thomson Student Centre by the Right Honourable Lord Thomson.