• June 3, 1950
    First degree-granting Convocation held by Memorial University. Undergraduate degrees were awarded to Denise Josette Bonnave, John Roland Courage, Bernard Weston March, Frederick James Newhook, and Thomas John Strapp.

    • Convocation Address by President Hatcher.
    • Photo of the first degree-granting Convocation of Memorial University, 1950.

  • October 8, 1952
    Installation of Lord Rothermere as First Chancellor of Memorial University.

  • October 8, 1952
    Installation of Raymond Gushue as Second President of Memorial University.

  • March 26, 1959
    Students march to the Colonial Building, the seat of the Newfoundland Legislature, in support of the provincial government, which was objecting to the federal government's refusal to give the province more funding under Term 29 of Newfoundland's Terms of Union with Canada in 1949.

    •  Protest in front of the Colonial Building