John Lewis Paton

John Lewis Paton

(Photograph Courtesy of Cap and Gown)

(President, 1925-1933)

Born in 1863 in Sheffield, England, John Lewis Paton was High Master of Manchester Grammar School from 1902 to 1924. He was President of Memorial University College from 1925 to 1933. Former Memorial University President M.O. Morgan wrote of Paton that

"his memorial is the achievements of his students. In a real sense Memorial University is itself a memorial to him, for he laid the foundation of sound scholarship and quality, of attention to our social and physical environment, of concern for students and of outreach to the community."

Paton died at Beckenham, England, on April 28, 1946. In 1968, friends and former students compiled a commemorative book in Paton's honour, entitled J.L.P. - a portrait of John Lewis Paton by his friends.