First Aid


Who should do this course?

The NL First Aid Regulations outlines the requirements for all workplaces. Each building at Memorial University under the first aid regulations is required to have a particular number of individuals trainied in first aid:

  • Where there are 2-14 employees, at least one worker must be trained to the "emergency level" of training;
  • where there are 15 or more but less than 200 employees, one worker must have a standard first aid certificate. There will also be one additional worker trained to the emergency level for each group of 25 workers or part there off (i.e. 105 workers requires 5 workers trained in the emergency level).

Acceptable first aid certificates must be issued by an approved first aid Training provider.

Emergency First Aid Certificate" is issued upon successful completion of an eight (8) hour training program;

"Standard First Aid Certificate" is issued upon successful completion of a 16 hour training program;

Names of persons holding valid first aid certificates must be posted at the workplace. 

Emergency and Standard First Aid certificates from all providers are valid for 3 years.

Approved First Aid Training Providers 

Marine Institute - Offshore Safety Survival Centre (St. John's and Stephenville) 

Canadian Red Cross

St. John Ambulance

Eastern Safety Services

NL First Aid Training

Dexter Institute (Labrador)