Respiratory Protection Training

Who Should Attend this Course?

Any individual who may be required to use respirators including but not limited to: N95, half face and full face air purifying respirators for work or study must have training in the selection, care, and use of their respirators. Fit testing is also required. Individuals utilizing supplied air respirators will require specialized training.


According to NL Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, any employee exposed to harmful concentrations of hazardous materials is required to be trained and fitted for respiratory protection which is certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

As part of Memorial University’s Respiratory Protection Program, Environmental Health and Safety offers respiratory protection training. Respirator fit testing is conducted through Technical Services.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot wear a respirator at Memorial University unless you have been properly fit tested with the appropriate respirator. This is the responsibility of the worker/student’s Department. It is suggested that the respirator be purchased before the fit testing takes place. For more information on choosing the proper respirator please contact Environmental Health and Safety

Course Duration - 2 hours

Fit testing is required after the respiratory protection training is complete and is required at least every two years thereafter. After completing the training course, please contact Technical Services to schedule a fit test

Completion Requirements -100% attendance; successful fit testing with an approved respirator.

Cost - The training course is offered free of charge to all employees and students of Memorial University that require respiratory protection for work and study. Departments may be responsible for fit testing fees.