Occupational Health and Safety Committee Training (WHSCC Approved)

Who should attend this course?

All members of Memorial University building Occupational health and safety committees are required to take this course.

An occupational health and safety committee is an advisory group made up of representatives from management and workers. The committee provides a forum for communication between the employer and the worker to address health and safety concerns in the workplace. In an effort to reduce workplace accidents and injuries, committees identify and evaluate concerns, make recommendations for corrective action and promote health and safety in the workplace. Committees are a legislated requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

This course provides an understanding of what a joint occupational health and safety committee is and the provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act requires for the committee to function.
Course topics will include:

  • Introduction to OHS,
  • Legislation,
  • Occupational Health and Safety Committees,
  • Hazard Recognition Evaluation and Control, and
  • Workplace Inspections.

Course Duration: 2.5 days (Some training providers will complete in 2 days) 

Course includes: Certification issued by the WHSCC.  Recertification required every 3 years. 

Completion requirements: 100% attendance with completion of 100% of course materials.

List of Approved Training Providers