Laboratory Safety at Memorial

Memorial University is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all persons associated with the university. The cooperation of all parties involved is required to ensure that the University conducts teaching and research safely. The Department of Health & Safety has an administrative responsibility for assisting laboratory personnel in developing safe work practices and for compliance with federal, provincial, and local regulations.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Pick-Up

Memorial University's Hazardous Waste Diposal Contractor will be on campus for waste pickup the first Wednesday of every month

The deadline for the submission of Hazardous Waste Disposal forms is the last Wednesday of every month.

  • IMPORTANT: Forms must be submitted electronically (printed/scanned copies will be returned).

Please be advised that emergency waste disposal pickup is available upon request. Please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 864-3786 should you need to avail of emergency hazardous waste disposal between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.   

For emergency waste disposal pickup after-hours please contact CEP at 864-4100.  

 Completing the forms in Mac OSX

OSX by default uses the application ‘Preview’ to render forms instead of Acrobat Reader. ‘Preview’ does not support PDF forms, therefore will not work while being used in this program.

Install the most recent version of Adobe Reader (
Save the form to your local drive on your own computer and note the location of the saved file. (ex. Documents).
Open the Adobe Acrobat Pro/Reader application.
On the Acrobat Reader menu, go to File->Open. Open the file from the location in which you saved it. The form will not work if you simply double-click it, unless Acrobat/Reader is already your default PDF viewer.
Complete the form and save the changes before emailing.

Completing forms in Windows

The default browsers for downloading these forms are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome users may need to follow the steps outlined in the "note" below.

If Adobe Acrobat Pro is not already installed, download and install the most recent version of Adobe Reader (
Click the file link to automatically download the PDF.

NOTE: if the following screen appears after clicking the document link, and the PDF does not load...

Click on the "save as" icon (indicated by the red arrow) and save the document to you computer.

WHMIS 2015

Click image for PDF



Laboratory Safety Manual

Chemical Inventory Procedure (LSMSP-1R2)

Chemical Spill Response Poster

Sample chemical spill kit


Laboratory Hazard Information Template - fillable

Hazardous Waste Disposal Form (chemical and biohazard)

Laboratory Commissioning Form (LSMSF12-R1).

Laboratory Decommissioning Form (LSMSF1-R1)

Laboratory Safety Plan (LSMSF2-R1)

Department Safety Training Record (LSMSF3-R1)

Recommended Storage Groups for Common Chemicals (LSMSF4-R1)

Chemical Inventory Form [Hazardous Materials Information System] (LSMSF6-R1)

Laboratory Equipment Register (LSMSF7-R1)

Laboratory Equipment Release Procedure and Form

Weekly Plumbed Eyewash Station Inspection Form (main campus) (LSMSF10-R3)

Weekly Plumbed Eyewash and Shower Station Inspection Form (HSC) (LSMSF11-R2)

 Inspection Checklists

Laboratory inspection checklist (inlcudes radiation and biological hazards).


Environmental Health & Safety

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