Synergy Session - The Changing Nature of Expertise and the Whole New Policymaker

With Dr. David Goldberg 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Engineering Lounge (EN 4000), Memorial University, St. John's

About this Session

Increasing complexity requires ever more capable policymakers. Moreover, where once policymakers were trained in the law, economics, or as experts in specific disciplines, increasingly policymaking is fundamentally interdisciplinary, requiring rethinking of the education and mindset of policymakers. Drawing on results from engineering education, this talk suggests two things. First, the democratization of information diminishes economic returns to expertise. Second, the policymaker of the future thus requires broader education than is currently recognized, combining what elsewhere has been called “the six minds". Many of these missing basics exercise design, emotional, kinesthetic, and mindful portions of the brain in ways that demand a new look.

About the Presenter

In 2010, Dave Goldberg resigned his tenure and distinguished professorship at the University of Illinois to help transform higher education in alignment with the creativity imperative of the 21st century. Author or co-author of over 400 papers and numerous books, including a pioneering artificial intelligence text with over 70,000 citations, Dave traveled to Asia, South America, Europe, and back to North America to unlock the keys to authentic transformation and thereby unleash a new generation of students. Using his background as the co-founder of a Silicon Valley start-up, his experience in starting an educational incubator for new programs , and his training as a leadership coach (Georgetown). Dave works with administrators, faculty, and students to bring a new level of student and faculty engagement to classrooms and institutions the world over.

Dave’s most recent book, A Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education, is available in hardcover and e-book formats