Academic Opportunties

Job candidates recommended for a tenure-track, tenured position or a term appointment under Clause 10.04 with a spouse or partner seeking academic employment who may be qualified for an Academic Staff Member (ASM) position can request a spousal appointment under Article 23.15 of the MUN-MUNFA Collective Agreement.

Requests for a spousal appointment must be made by the candidate at the time of the offer and before accepting an offer of employment from the university to the dean of the hiring unit. It is at the discretion of the dean of the primary hiring unit to initiate the process outlined in the collective agreement. Normally, requests seeking academic employment for spouses or partners after an appointment has been accepted will not be eligible for the spousal appointment process outlined in the MUNFA collective agreement.

Please note: the university cannot guarantee a job for any spouse or partner under the spousal hiring process for academic appointments. For further information consult Articles 23.15 – 23.16 of the MUN-MUNFA collective agreement.