Vehicle Service

Administrative Services is responsible for obtaining and maintaining university crests, registration, insurance and departmental credit cards (fuel and maintenance) for university-owned and leased vehicles. This section assists university departments with the specifications and purchase of new university-owned and leased vehicles, as well as handling the disposal of surplus university vehicles.

Administrative Services also maintains and controls the vehicle preventative maintenance program for all university-owned and leased vehicles. This section is responsible for the administration of tender agreements for university vehicle inspections and maintenance repairs. If there are any questions or concerns contact, or consult the university vehicle policy (V-2).

Vehicle Rental

Authority for the rental of vehicles under 30 days is held with the requesting department. For rentals exceeding 30 days, the department is responsible for submitting a Motor Vehicle Justification Form and three rental quotes should be obtained by the requesting department and sent to Facilities Management For more information, call 709-864-4885 or consult the university Travel Policy or the Vehicles - University Owned or Leased Policy.