Custodial Services is responsible for coordinating recycling at the university. University employees are responsible for collecting recyclable material in their section in designated containers. Custodial Services employees are responsible for collecting recyclable material from the designated containers and placing it in the loading zones for removal by the recycling contractor. If there are any questions or concerns relating to the collection of recyclable material on campus, please contact Work Control at 864-7600 or e-mail

Collection bins for beverage containers are located in or around most departmental main offices and in common areas such as lobbies and cafeterias. In addition to containers used on campus, personnel are encouraged to bring in resueable beverage containers from home. Acceptable containers include:

  • aluminum cans
  • plastic drink bottles
  • tetra juice paks
  • glass juice bottles
  • liquor bottles
  • wine bottles

Containers must be uncrushed and the covers removed. Milk cartons and coffee cups are not acceptable.