Dr. John Jamieson joins expedition drilling underwater volcano

Jun 1st, 2018

D Guzzwell

Dr. John Jamieson on board the JOIDES Resolution
Dr. John Jamieson joins expedition drilling underwater volcano

Dr. John Jamieson, Canada Research Chair in Marine Geology, is currently on board the JOIDES Resolution, a scientific drilling ship operated by the International Ocean Discovery Program. Dr. Jamieson is part of an international research group currently on a 2-month expedition to Brothers Volcano, an active submarine volcano north of New Zealand.

For the past month they have been drilling into this volcano and retrieving rock cores, in order to understand the geological and biological processes taking place inside an active underwater volcano. A scientific expedition of this nature has never before been attempted, took five years to plan, and the technical challenges associated with this venture are daunting. Although plagued by many technical and weather-related delays, results so far have exceeded expectations, and we hope that the next month will prove to be even more successful. For more information, please follow the hastag #EXP376 on Twitter, JOIDES Resolution on Facebook, or on their website http://joidesresolution.org/