Award-Winning Honours Students

Nov 18th, 2016

A Leitch

Back Row: Matthew Murphy, Aly MacDonald, Nikki Bursey, Alexander MacBeath, Joey Pittman

Front Row: Nicholas Lynch, Sean Murphy, Christopher Williams
Award-Winning Honours Students

Eight of our students, including five presenters, attended the 66th Annual Atlantic Universities Geoscience Conference, which was held at Acadia University, in Wolfville Nova Scotia, from 27th – 29th October, 2016. 

All of our presenters were recognized for their work: of the six awards given out, our students won three (best presentation, best poster and best geophysics presentation), and the other two presenters were tied runners up for best presentation.


The Science Atlantic Presentation and Communication Award (Best Presentation): Sean Murphy
(Tied) runners up for best presentation: Nikki Bursey and Alex MacBeath
Imperial Oil Best Poster Award: Chris Williams
Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) Award: Nick Lynch

Presentation Titles and Supervisors:

Sean Murphy:

Three-Dimensional Morphological Characterization of the Trace Fossil Parahaentzchelinia ardelia, Atoka Formation, Oklahoma (Dr. Duncan Mcllroy)

Nikki Bursey

Initial field and petrographic examination into the nature and relative timing of emplacement of an ultramafic-to-mafic sill in the Ashuanipi Complex of southwestern Labrador, Canada (Dr. Gregory Dunning)

Alexander MacBeath

Morphology and geochemistry of the enigmatic Ediacaran Palaeopascichnus in the Fermeuse Formation, Ferryland, Newfoundland (Dr. Duncan Mcllroy)

Nicholas Lynch

Geophysical Detection of Reducing Springs: A New Approach (Dr. Alison Leitch)

Christopher Williams 

Rifted margin and sedimentary structure of the Porcupine Abyssal Plain, outboard of Goban Spur, southwest Ireland (Dr. Kim Welford)