National Presence

We are active in shaping the landscape of bioethics in Canada. Our service has included membership on:

  • Canadian Bioethics Society board

  • CIHR Institute Advisory Boards

  • CIHR Standing Committee on Ethics

  • CIHR Stem Cell Oversight Committee

  • National Council on Ethics in Human Research

  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Ethics Committee

National policy work has been an important part of our commitment to promoting ethical science and medicine. Among us, we had membership on the CIHR Aboriginal Ethics Working Group and CIHR Privacy Advisory Committee and co-authored the policy guidance documents out of those working groups. We have participated in various CIHR roundtable discussions, including developing priorities for the direction of the Institute of Gender and Health and the Institute of Population and Public Health. We continue to provide commentary on proposed revisions to ethics policies and guidelines both nationally and internationally.

We contribute substantially to academic peer review for national and international granting agencies, journals and academic presses. Our commitment to advancing research in and on ethics extends to our graduate students in the Master of Health Ethics program, with whom we have co-authored multiple publications. One of the highlights of our service commitment to advancing research in ethics was the highly successful Canadian Bioethics Society Conference 2008, which we hosted in St. John’s. On a lighter note, we love to blog and tweet our views on ethics issues and events around the nation and elsewhere.