Current Students


Student Previous Degree(s) & University Research Interests
Andrew Noel Bachelor's of Medical Science Degree at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia Clinical ethics and ethical issues surrounding end-of-life care (Medical assistance in dying and palliative care).
Janine Elliott B.N., M.N., Memorial University Clinical ethics in long-term care settings; Aging and the older adult; End-of-life issues.
Jillian Murdoch B. Phil., University of New Brunswick's Renaissance College. Reproductive ethics, clinical ethics, ethics in mental health and addictions settings.
Juliana Falcão BA, Law, Catholic University of Pernambuco, Brazil Heritable Human Genome Editing; Reproductive Ethics.
Kevin Vianna B.Sc.N., Ryerson University Reproductive ethics; Research ethics; Clinical ethics; Mental health ethics.
Meghan Curtis B.A., Philosophy, Memorial University Exceptions to confidentiality in mental health; Ethical treatment in mental health care; Interpretation of personal health information act; Confidentiality in psychogeriatrics; Ethics of palliative care and physician-assisted death.
Rebecca Vinci Bachelors in Philosophy and Buddhist studies from the University of Toronto. The ethical issues surrounding the principle of autonomy within the context of incapacity determinations and compulsory treatment of the mental Ill in Canada.
Sophie Wells B. A. in Religious Studies (minor in Classics), Mount Allison University. Ethics of religious accommodation in health care and the ethics of resource allocation.
Talston Scott Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours (Global Health) - Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario Commercialization of the human body, clinical and applied ethics, reproductive ethics, health equity and global health.
Taylor Curtis B.Sc. Biology Major, Chemistry Minor, Brandon University Genomics; Artificial Womb Technology.