Choosing Down Syndrome: Ethics and New Prenatal Testing Technologies, published by MIT Press, 2018.

Dr. Kaposy's research interests are wide-ranging. He enjoys learning about the whole span of issues across the discipline of bioethics.

He has published articles on the following issues:

  • prenatal testing for Down syndrome
  • end of life care
  • drug shortages
  • vaccine prioritization in a pandemic
  • resource allocation
  • research involving pregnant women
  • pandemic triage
  • philosophical arguments and the abortion issue
  • abortion access
  • ethical implications of neuroscientific discoveries
  • science studies
  • philosophy of technology
  • public health ethics
  • contraceptive guidelines in research
  • pregnancy and the law
  • moral standing of infants

Sample articles:

Chris Kaposy, Nicole R. Greenspan, Zack Marshall, Jill Allison, Shelley Marshall and Cynthia Kitson (2017) "Clinical Ethics Issues in HIV Care in Canada: An Institutional Ethnographic Study," BMC Medical Ethics 18:9.

Chris Kaposy, Nicole R. Greenspan, Zack Marshall, Jill Allison, Shelley Marshall, Cynthia Kitson (2016) "The Ethical Case for Providing Cost-Free Access to Life-Saving HIV Medications in Canada: Implications of a Qualitative Study," Healthcare Management Forum 29(6) 255-259.

Chris Kaposy, Philmona Kebedom, Dylan Roskams-Edris, and Meg Ryan (2014) “The Distinction between Withholding and Withdrawing Treatment in Rasouli: Providing a Solution to an Ethical Problem,” Health Law Journal 21 29-48.

Chris Kaposy (2013) “A Disability Critique of the New Prenatal Test for Down Syndrome,” Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 23(4) 299-324.

Chris Kaposy and Lorraine Lafferty (2012) “Overcoming Liability Concerns in Vaccine Trials Involving Pregnant Women,” Accountability in Research 19(3) 156-174.

Chris Kaposy (2011) “The Influence of the Stigma of Obesity on H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Sequencing in Canada in 2009” Vaccine 29: 9607-9610.

Chris Kaposy (2010) “Proof and Persuasion in the Philosophical Debate about Abortion,” Philosophy and Rhetoric 43(2) 139-162.

Françoise Baylis and Chris Kaposy (2010) “Wanted: Inclusive Guidelines for Research Involving Pregnant Women,” Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Canada 32(5) 473-476.