Media Coverage of Choosing Down Syndrome

Articles and Blogs by Chris Kaposy

New York Times – “The Ethical Case for Having a Baby with Down Syndrome” (April 16 2018)

STAT News – “Children with Down Syndrome Live Good Lives. Prenatal Testing Shouldn’t Nudge Parents Toward Pregnancy Termination” (May 18 2018)

Aeon – “More People Should Choose to Have Children with Down Syndrome” (June 11 2018)

Boston Review – “Neoliberal Perfectionism” Boston Review Forum 7 (43.3) 43-47 (July 31 2018)

Impact Ethics – “Our Ambivalence about Down Syndrome” (March 21 2018)

MIT Press Blog – “Being Aaron’s Father: Choosing Down Syndrome” (June 17 2018) – “Why I Chose to Have a Child with Down Syndrome” (April 19 2018)

Articles, Interviews, Reviews that Discuss Choosing Down Syndrome

Washington Post – Paige Winfield Cunningham, “The Health 202: Abortion Debate Turns to Down Syndrome” (April 23 2018)

The Guardian – Henry McDonald, “Irish Abortion Vote: ‘Propagandistic’ Use of Children with Down’s Syndrome Condemned” (May 22 2018)

Le Figaro – Eugénie Bastié, “Les Personnes Trisomique Nous Rappellent que Nous Sommes Tous Vulnérables” (June 1 2018)

New York Times Letters – (April 20 2018)

Christian Century – Rachel Adams, “Women’s Rights, Disability Rights: Abortion, Down Syndrome, and the Question of Prenatal Testing” (July 27 2018)

JSTOR Daily – “Best of the University Press: Maroon Societies, Down Syndrome, and Food Justice” (July 27 2018)

UC Observer – Kevin Spurgaitis, “Do We Face a Future without Down Syndrome?” (September 2018)