Core Faculty

Daryl Pullman (Ph.D., Philosophy, Waterloo)        

Professor of Bioethics

Research Interests: Research ethics, ethics and aging, privacy, issues related to genetic research and therapy, health technology assessment, bioarchaeology, human dignity, and moral epistemology. 

Fern Brunger (Ph.D., Anthropology, McGill)

Professor of Bioethics

Research Interests: Research ethics, social studies of science and medicine, ethnography, post-colonial and critical theory, and clinical ethics (emphasis on culture and diversity). 

Chris Kaposy (Ph.D., Philosophy, SUNY Stony Brook)

Associate Professor of Bioethics

Research Interests: Ethical and policy issues in abortion care, public health ethics, clinical ethics, neuroethics, ethics of vaccine research and vaccination programs, research inclusion, disability theory and disability rights.


Jennifer Flynn (Ph.D., Philosophy, Virginia)

Associate Professor of Bioethics

Research Interests: Moral philosophy (including metaethics, normative ethics, philosophy and literature) and bioethics (including the nature of applied ethics, reproductive ethics, and bioethics and feminism).