Winter 2020 Seminars

BIOC 6999/Biochemistry Seminar Series 2019-2020: Winter 2020

Mondays @ 1pm in the Feltham room (SN4015) unless otherwise noted.
Titles and abstracts will be posted 1-2 weeks in advance of each seminar.

Jan 13
Dr. Matthew Nosworthy (Abstract)
Peptide transport, protein quality, and their impact on human health
Research Associate
College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
University of Saskatchewan

Jan 21 * Note date and time change*

Jan 27 

Feb 3
Dr. Curtis French 
Modelling 6p25-associated diseases in zebrafish
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Medicine 

Feb 10
Dr. Javier Santander (Abstract)
Marine bacterial pathogenesis and fish vaccinology
Assistant Professor
Ocean Sciences Centre 

Feb 24
Dr. Laura Cole (Abstract)
Understanding the Role of Cardiolipin: Phenotyping the Tafazzin Knock-down Mouse
Research Associate
University of Manitoba

Mar 2  

Mar 9
Julia White (Abstract)
M.Sc Student 
Department of Biochemistry (Dr. J. Brunton)

Mar 10
Mary R. L’Abbe, CM, PhD (Abstract)
Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences, and
Director WHO Collaborating Centre on Nutrition Policy for Chronic Disease Prevention
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
** 10:00am in ED-1014 ** 

Mar 16
Na Thi Ty Ngo (Abstract)
Ph.D Student 
Department of Biochemistry (Dr. F. Shahidi)

Mar 23
Dalshini Kirupananthan (Abstract)
Ph.D Student 
Department of Biochemistry (Dr. J. Brunton)

Mar 30 
Lanh Nguyen (Abstract)
Ph.D Student
Department of Biochemistry (Dr. F. Shahidi)



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