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Make Midterm Matter

Make midterm matter is a program offered to Memorial University students in the fall and winter semesters. It offers students the opportunity to spend a day or two of their midterm breaks volunteering for various organizations throughout city. Make Midterm Matter is unique in that it also has a service learning component that allows students to reflect on and learn from their experiences. This component of the program is an important element in that it gives students a method in which they can learn and discuss issues and questions that may arise out of their volunteer experience.


Make Midterm Matter receives Award of Excellence:

AACUSS (Atlantic Association of College and University Student Services) is an association dedicated to supporting excellence in student affairs and services. The AACUSS Award for Excellence in Student Services recognizes an individual or department who demonstrates excellence "through the development of a new initiative beneficial to student life directly or indirectly; through the creative use of human or material resources; or through collaboration between the institution and local community which has enhanced the quality of student life or development. Memorial University's Centre for Experiential Learning received the award this year for the development of the highly successful Make Midterm Matter program.



"Make Midterm Matter has offered me the opportunity to build many skills that will benefit me as I finish my degree and move into the next phase of my life. Through the reflection component of service-learning, I have learned to identify my skills. Now I feel more prepared to apply for further studies and employment. The combination of community service, learning and reflection has augmented my university experience. These skills will help me long into the future, after the details of classes are forgotten".

Melissa James
St. John's

"Make Midterm Matter has provided me the opportunity to engage in musical activities with the elderly. I was surprised at how much fun I had with them, and on how active they could be. It was an interesting experience."

Elim Wong
Hong Kong

"By doing this type of volunteer work, we realize the importance of integrating seniors in our societies. The way we see seniors now unless we change it for better is the way young people will see us in 30 or 40 years, nothing will change unless we understand that no matter our age, young or old, we are all human beings that laugh and cry and want to be happy which is the reason of being alive".

Sergio de Leon

"The addition of a reflection component enabled the Exchange Students to come together to discuss the experiences that occurred during their exchange. In particular it helped them see the skills gained during their out of class experiences especially: cultural differences communication skills, resources and networking. The closing reflection session will prepare the students for re-entry to their home countries where they will be more equipped with job skills especially cross cultural issues. Thank you very much for the support you have provided us. The reflection component is now an important part of our program".

Ana Maria Garcia Fernandez
Centre for International Business Studies (CIBS)

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Faculty interested in becoming involved in Make Midterm Matter and/or referring their students to the program can contact:

Experiential Learning Coordinator
Office: UC-4001A
Phone: (709) 864-2033