Allyson Stokes

Assistant Professor (Ph.D McMaster University)

Contact Information
Ph: 709-864-8194
Office: A-4056
Personal Profile

Dr. Stokes’ research specializations include work, culture, inequality, and education. Her research program focuses on the organization and experience of work in artistic and cultural fields, with a particular emphasis on social inequalities and post-bureaucratic work forms. Using case studies from fashion, film and music, Dr. Stokes’ research examines the changing relationships between work and inequality in the 21st century, as characteristics long associated with arts and culture work (precariousness, temporary and project-based jobs, reputation-based careers) spread across the labour market. Her research on gender and sexuality-based inequalities in the fashion industry has been published in the journals Gender & Society and Social Currents, and has led to efforts within the fashion industry (e.g., on the part of Glamour Magazine and the Council of Fashion Designers of America) to develop more equitable working conditions. Currently, she is beginning a new project about how intersecting inequalities shape the dynamics of sexual harassment in film and other creative industries.

She is also involved in ongoing collaborative work focused on educational and disciplinary innovations and diffusions. She is currently working with a team of researchers at the University of Waterloo on a project about the connections between 21st century labour markets and classroom-integrated technologies. She has also written on the evolution of Sociology in Canada and is completing a study with Dr. Kim de Laat (University of Toronto) about how Canadian scholars teach the Sociology of Culture.

Courses Taught:

SOCI 1000: Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 3220: Work & Society

SOCI: 3731: Sociology of Culture

SOCI 6320:  Gender and Society

SOCI 6360: Sociology of Work

SOCI 6880: Graudate Seminar


Knowledge Integration, University of Waterloo, Adjunct Assistant Professor


Selected Publications:

Stokes, Allyson. Forthcoming. Masters of None? How Cultural Workers use Reframing to Achieve Legitimacy in Portfolio Careers. Work, Employment and Society.

Stokes, Allyson, Janice Aurini, and Rod Missaghian. 2020. “Sociology of Work.” In Knudson, Sarah and Danise Hahn, eds. Committing Sociology: Critical Perspectives on our Social World. Toronto: Pearson.

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Stokes, Allyson. 2017. “Fashioning Gender: The Gendered Organization of Cultural Work.” Social Currents 4(6): 1-17.

Aurini, Janice, John McLevey, Allyson Stokes, and Rob Gorbet. 2017. “Assessing the Effect of Classroom-Integrated Robotics on 21st Century Competencies.” Prepared for the Ontario Ministry of Education, Funded by the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE). Available at:

Stokes, Allyson and John McLevey. 2016. “From Porter to Bourdieu: The Evolving Specialty Structure of English Canadian Sociology,1966-2013.” Canadian Review of Sociology, 53(2): 176-202.

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Fetner, Tina, Allyson Stokes, and Carrie B. Sanders. 2015. “Institution Building and the Religious Right: Lessons from US and Canadian History.” In Ramos, Howard and Kathleen Rodgers, eds. Protest and Politics: The Promise of Social Movement Societies. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia Press.