Millennium Excellence In-Course Awards

The Millennium Excellence Award Program rewards and supports students who demonstrate community engagement, leadership and innovation as well as academic achievement. Working with post-secondary institutions, the program's national in-course awards focus on those students who are already enrolled in post-secondary studies and who have never received a significant merit scholarship. Many of them are mature students and all of them have demonstrated a commitment to the world around them once arriving at school.

2005-2006 Winners

Melissa Abbott

Program of Study: Social Work

What this Award means to her: The Millennium Excellence Award that I received in October 2005 not only provided financial benefits, but validated all the hours I spent studying and striving to achieve academic and personal success. It recognized my dedication and passion to becoming a leader for change and betterment in my community. It was fulfilling to know my achievements and aspirations were appreciated.

Meghan Jackman

Program of Study: Pharmacy

What this award means to her: It goes without saying that as a recipient of the Millennium Exchange In-Course Award, I feel extremely grateful for the financial aid I have received. Yet, more importantly, being recognized as someone who fits the criteria for this award was the greatest honour. To me, the award represents a current and lifelong dedication to community development (whether it be locally or internationally). Furthermore, the awards committee that selected me recognizes a university career should consist of so much more than academics alone. As an in-course laureate, I have had the opportunity to meet many other Millennium Award recipients. Talking with these people and sharing ideas has been an encouragement for me as well – it means a lot to see that so many students are striving to contribute to various communities during their university careers. This is what the Millennium Awards committee is fostering all over Canada!

Kevin Mitchell

Program of Study: BSc. Biology (Honours – Cellular/Molecular)

What this award means to him: In addition to the financial support the Millennium Scholarship has provided me with, by becoming a member and coordinator of the Newfoundland Chapter of Millennium Laureates, I have been able to develop my skills as a leader while giving back to the community.


Tamara O'Connell

Program: Engineering (Electrical)

What this award means to her: This award has encouraged me to remain active in the community and continue my involvement with clubs and societies here at Memorial University. The support it has provided allows me to remain enthusuastic about the field of Electrical Engineering, and to focus on encouraging young women to consider the opportunities available to them in engineering.


Karen Paddle

Program of Study: Social Work

What this award means to her: I am extremely grateful to have been awarded an In-Course Millennium Scholarship. I am looking forward to continuing my involvement with the foundation.




Graeme Turner

Program of Study: B.Sc. (honours) Pure Mathematics

What this award means to him: Receiving this award was a strong reminder of the value of the work I had done in the past, and renewed my confidence in myself. I realized that I still have the ability to make the same type of significant contributions to the student body today as I have before.


Ashlee Warford

Program of Study: Social Work

What this award means to her: I never thought I could achieve an award like this. I work hard but always assume that it is not enough to get noticed. Knowing that this award is not only about academics, but about making a difference has taught me that my efforts and my profession someday will make an impact in this world.



Delia Warren

Program of Study: Engineering (Mechanical)

What this award means to her: Winning this award was very gratifying as it recognizes not only scholastic ability, but also community involvement. I continue to be involved with Canadian Millennium Foundation and its programs within the community. It really is an honour to be affiliated with such a prestigious organization.


Blair English

Program of Study: Social Work

What this award means to him: Winning this award has been a great personal accomplishment for me. I was not quite sure how I would fair at the university level, and to be quite honest, I was somewhat incredulous of my willingness to commit myself to five years of post-secondary studies. Now that I have successfully completed three years at Memorial, while maintaining an A average, I have much more confidence in my academic abilities. My decision to move back to Newfoundland from Ontario has undoubtedly paid off for me thus far. I look forward to the completion of my Social Work degree.

Meagan Tunbridge

Program of Study: BFA - Theatre-Acting

What this award means to her: I was totally surprised and honoured to receive this award. The ancillary programs have given me the opportunity to meet many amazing people and attend some great workshops and speakers. The money I received from this award has allowed me the rare opportunity as a university student to complete school without going into debt. This year, I'm finishing my BFA acting degree at Grenfell before pursuing a career in the theatre. I came to Newfoundland from a small town (Port Perry) outside of Toronto.

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