Scholarships and awards

Memorial University offers its students many opportunities to receive scholarships and awards. There are three categories of undergraduate scholarships:

Entrance scholarships/awards

These scholarships/awards are available to new students entering Memorial University.

Undergraduate scholarships/awards

There are three types of scholarships/awards available to current, continuing undergraduate students.

Faculty recommended scholarships/awards

Faculties, schools and departments have scholarships and awards specific to their area of study. Candidates for these scholarships and awards are recommended by the faculty, school or department. Students should declare a faculty and/or major if they wish to be considered for these scholarships/awards.

Application based scholarships/awards

These scholarships can only be awarded to a student who has completed the  application and have submitted required documentation. These are granted starting in December for the 2021-22 academic year. Please only use Google Chrome or Firefox.

General scholarships/awards

These scholarships are not affiliated with an academic department and are open to all undergraduate students who meet the scholarship standing requirements. These are awarded based on a variety of criteria.

External scholarships/awards

External scholarships are not specific to, and are not administered by Memorial University.

Changes to scholarship eligibility for 2022-23

The criteria for scholarship standing for new and returning undergraduate students has been revised for the 2022-23 scholarship year. If you have questions, email