Website supports new Information Management Policy

Aug 1st, 2016

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Website supports new Information Management Policy

Information Management and Protection (IM&P) has launched its new website to provide resources and tools to help other Memorial University units follow best practices in managing and protecting their information.

The IM&P website supports the university’s new Information Management (IM) Policy, which was approved by the Board of Regents July 7 and went into effect immediately.

The policy provides direction on the management and protection of university records, and also includes procedures to develop retention and disposal schedules, securely shred and dispose of confidential records within individual units.

As a unit within the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) portfolio, IM&P has a mandate to create an enterprise-wide information management and protection program and strategy for Memorial.

“IM&P will provide advice and support to units in managing and protecting information more effectively and efficiently, thereby enabling legislative and policy compliance. The new IM Policy is a crucial starting point to providing a university-wide information management and protection framework.” said Shelley Smith, Chief Information Officer.

The new Information Management Policy enables units across the university to comply with the Management of Information Act, which sets out the legislative requirements for public bodies such as Memorial. The policy was drafted by the Office of the CIO in consultation with the university’s Policy Office and information sessions were held earlier this year.

IM&P also offers regular updates on opportunities for education and training, new resources and tools, and the latest trends in information management and protection. If you would like to receive these emailed updates, please contact IM&P by email at