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Procedure for Harlow Campus Program Expenditures

Approval Date: 2018-10-03

Effective Date: 2018-10-03

Responsible Unit: Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)


The Activity Coordinator responsible for a Harlow Campus program ("the program") shall submit a budget in advance of its implementation (normally one year) to the appropriate Dean, who makes a recommendation to the Office of the Provost and Vice- President (Academic) or respective campus Vice-President, for approval. The approved program costs must be included in the budget of the appropriate academic unit. This procedure may also need to consider unit level-procedures.

All expenses must be accounted for in accordance with relevant Memorial University policies and procedures and approved in advance by the Dean of the academic unit.

Academic units involved with programs must request that a separate budget account be set up for each program, and all Harlow-related expenditures must be recorded in these accounts.

The program budget must include all relevant and permitted expenses and an estimate of possible revenue.

Program budgets will be reviewed by the Dean of the academic unit.

The following eligible program expenses must be included in program budgets for advance review by the Dean of the academic unit:

a) Instructors' costs. See below.
b) Program-related field trips.
c) Essential educational supplies.
d) Fees and expenses paid to visiting professors from other educational institutions, co-operating teachers and seminar speakers.
e) Miscellaneous program costs, such as photocopying, typing and telephone expenses and local transportation including bus, car or van rental.
f) Visits to Harlow by instructors and administrators from Memorial University when necessary to the program.
g) Other program-related expenses, such as hosting, as may be approved by the relevant Dean and in accordance with the Hosting policy.

Student Expenses
Students are responsible for paying their own personal expenses, including room and board, health insurance and any external travel expenses while at the Harlow Campus. Room and board expenses may be paid in advance or directly to MUN (UK) Ltd.

Students travelling from the Harlow Campus to daily work assignments are normally responsible for paying their transportation expenses.

Students may be eligible for Harlow Campus scholarships.

Tax Deductible Allowance for Student Program Fees
In addition to tuition and associated fees, students pay a special program fee to cover necessary costs such as site visits, field trips, museum and theatre visits that the instructor(s) deems essential to the Harlow program. These fees will vary per semester and program depending on the planned activities.

As these fees are built into a formal fee structure, students are issued a T-2202A tax form, allowing this special program fee to be a deductible allowance.

Instructors Costs
The Travel - General policy applies in the case of each instructor teaching or supervising students in a program at the Harlow Campus.

The University shall pay the following costs on behalf of each faculty member teaching or supervising students at the Harlow campus:

a) Travel expenses from St. John's or Corner Brook to Harlow Campus and return. Return airfare booked must be the cheapest available; the University reserves the right to determine the maximum eligible airfare.

b) Accommodation expenses at the Harlow Campus, including rent, heat, light and any other approved expenses (such as cell phone costs). If an instructor cannot be accommodated at the campus, accommodation may be paid elsewhere.

c) Local travel expenses on University or program-related business. Such expenses must be approved and accounted for as per University policy.

d) In lieu of a per diem, a one-time cost of living allowance:
a. for 12-week programs: $900 CAD
b. for 6-week programs: $450 CAD

    This allowance will be reviewed every two years by the General Manager of Harlow Campus in conjunction with the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) to ensure it reflects the cost of living in the U.K.

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