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Procedure to Apply for Donor Prospect Clearance

Approval Date: 2018-06-14

Effective Date: 2018-06-14

Responsible Unit: Office of Development


The Development staff will facilitate the provision of appropriate background information and content for each request prior to its review by the Donor Prospect Clearance Committee. Before any prospective donor can be cleared to be approached, the Applicant must complete the Donor Prospect Clearance form and ensure that the following criteria are met:

1. Project Approval
Before an Applicant can seek approval of a prospective donor from the Prospect Clearance Committee, the Applicant's project must be approved by an appropriate member of (e.g., Dean, Vice-President, President) senior administration. Applicants should first approach the Head of their faculty, school or unit before submission to the Prospect Clearance Committee. Written approval of the proposed project must be included as part of the application for Prospect Clearance.

2. Project Definition
The Applicant seeking Prospect Clearance must provide an outline of the project/purpose for which funds will be solicited.

3. Identification of Funding Level
The Applicant shall demonstrate the total potential funding requirements of the project, the solicitation goal for the prospect and the time period for the particular project.

4. Provision of Rationale for Requesting Assignment of Specified Prospects
The Applicant must provide a rationale for why the prospect should be a good fit with the specific project, including any prior history or connections with the prospect or other reasons this prospect would consider the project to be a high priority. Applicants uncertain as to which potential prospects to approach should contact the Office of Development prior to formal submission for Prospect Clearance.

5. Provision of Cultivation/Solicitation Strategy
When submitting prospect names for clearance, the Applicant must provide an anticipated cultivation/solicitation strategy including actions and timeline, intended solicitor(s) and proposed solicitation amounts.

The Applicant must also describe the specific method of solicitation (e.g., proposal, in person, by mail, by phone, other). If the Applicant is uncertain as to the appropriate strategy, Development staff will assist with establishing a strategy.

6. Requests for Extension of the Clearance Period
To extend the clearance period, the Applicant must submit another Donor Prospect Clearance form to the Prospect Clearance Committee, indicating activity accomplished in the first 180 days and a rationale for the extension. A revised strategy and timeline(s) should be included.

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