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Donor Prospect Clearance

Approval Date: 2023-12-07

Effective Date: 2023-12-07

Review Date: 2027-12-07


Vice-President (Administration & Finance)


To ensure the coordination and appropriate assignment of prospective donors


Applies to all members of the University community who have an interest in fundraising for Memorial University, including Separately Incorporated Entities (SIEs). The solicitation of sponsorships, including sponsored research funds, does not fall under the terms of this policy.


Applicant — Head of a faculty/school/department/unit (including SIEs), University employee or volunteer who is requesting clearance to cultivate and solicit a charitable gift from a particular individual or organization on behalf of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Clearance Period — The period of time for which a prospective donor is assigned to an Applicant for purposes of solicitation.

Cultivation — A plan of activities undertaken to build a relationship with an assigned donor prospect for the ultimate goal of soliciting a philanthropic gift.

Database — Office of Development (OD) maintains a database that stores and tracks prospect information and clearance approval. Relevant information from the database is accessible to select Office of Development employees.

Donation — A charitable gift, according to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

Donor — An individual or organization who has made a charitable gift to Memorial University.

Executive Director — For the purposes of this policy, the position which has authority and responsibility over the activity of clearing donors for solicitation.

Major Gift — A gift or pledge of ten thousand dollars or more in a single year.

Project — The purpose for which funds are being solicited.

Prospect — An individual or organization capable of making a charitable gift to the University.

Prospect Clearance — An assigned opportunity for a faculty, school or unit to solicit a prospect without competing solicitation from other units during an approved time period. Clearance is required for solicitation of all gifts as described in this policy.

Relationship Management/Prospect Management — A focused process of major gift prospect identification, research, clearance, cultivation, solicitation, recognition and stewardship whereby enduring relationships with donors are nurtured in order to advance Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Solicitation — The current, accelerated, active interaction between a prospective donor and the University that has the expectation of leading to a successful funding request within the designated clearance period.

Solicitor — The individual or team of individuals assigned to directly ask the prospective donor for a gift.

Sponsorship — The provision of financial support in exchange for marketing/promotional or other benefits to the contributor.


It is the responsibility of the Executive Director to ensure the coordinated assignment and management of donors and prospective donors and the maintenance of accurate and timely donor and prospective donor records for Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Any members or units of the University community who have an interest in fundraising activities on behalf of Memorial University of Newfoundland, are required to contact the Executive Director prior to contacting donor prospects with the intention to solicit gifts at the levels described in this policy.

In those cases where a prospective donor has made the initial inquiry about making a donation to the University or a member of the University, such information should be immediately conveyed to the Executive Director so that professional guidance and stewardship can be provided.

All cultivation and solicitation must be cleared through the Executive Director of Development before any actions are undertaken. All solicitations must be subsequently coordinated by the Office of Development and Alumni Engagement so that prospect records can be appropriately maintained.

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