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Procedure for Donor Prospect Clearance

Approval Date: 2018-06-14

Effective Date: 2018-06-14

Responsible Unit: Office of Development


1. When to Obtain Donor Prospect Clearance
Any unit wishing to solicit prospective donors, on behalf of Memorial University, for a philanthropic gift valued at $1,000 or more during a major campaign or for $5,000 outside of a campaign, must submit the names of the prospects (whether individuals, foundations, corporations or other organizations), and apply to AA&D for clearance to proceed with cultivation and solicitation. See Gift Acceptance policy.

In addition, solicitation of groups of 100 or more individuals (e.g., professional associations) must be cleared in order to avoid multiple solicitations of the same individual Deans, Directors, Heads of Departments, etc. involved in fundraising initiatives will regularly consult with members of the development division within the Office of Development.

2. The Donor Prospect Clearance Process
Requests for Prospect Clearance may be submitted at any time using the Donor Prospect Clearance form and forwarded to the designated contact indicated on the form, in accordance with the Procedure to Apply for Donor Prospect Clearance.

Submissions will be reviewed regularly by the Donor Prospect Clearance Committee, who will assign a maximum of 20 prospects to an Applicant, typically for a 180 day period. The Prospect Clearance Committee will also assign a Development/Campaign staff member as liaison to Applicants at that time, if the Applicant is not a Development/Campaign Staff member. Being assigned more than 20 prospects will require the Executive Director's approval.

The Applicant will inform the assigned Development staff member of any activities involving assigned prospects during the clearance period and the results of these activities. Meetings with Applicants and assigned Development staff will be held regularly to review cultivation/solicitation progress on assigned prospects.

3. Clearance Period
Applicants will be notified of the decision of the Prospect Clearance Committee normally within one week of the meeting in which the submission is considered. In the case of a favourable decision, the Applicant will be advised of the duration for which clearance has been granted and the projects for which a donor may be solicited. If, as a result of the original cultivation or solicitation, the donor indicates a preference for other projects, the Applicant is required to notify the assigned Development staff member so that a solicitation targeted to the donor's stated preference can be constructed. Upon expiration of the Clearance Period, or if the Applicant has been unsuccessful in securing a donation commitment, the prospective donor will be returned to the prospect pool.

4. Reporting and tracking progress of donor cultivation and solicitation
A catalogue of the contacts that have been made with each prospect and the results of these contacts is maintained in the OD database. It is expected that all individuals working with cleared prospects will report on activity through regular submission of action reports and updates.

5. Requests for Extension of the Clearance Period
At the end of the Clearance Period, a request for an extension of Prospect Clearance may be submitted to the Prospect Clearance Committee. The decision to grant an extension, and the duration of any extension, will be assessed based upon the cultivation progress that has been made, or the status of discussions with the prospective donor. In addition, the Prospect Clearance Committee, in extenuating circumstances, may need to change the status of any Prospect Clearance after consultation with appropriate parties.

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