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Procedure for Requesting Additional Space for New Activities

Approval Date: 2016-12-06

Effective Date: 2016-12-06

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management


1. All requests for space required for new activities should first be dealt with by the unit from within their current space allocation. Requests for additional space from departmentalized units should be forwarded to the Dean or Director of the unit. Normally, these requests shall be reviewed within the context of the unit's plans and priorities. Those requests that are supported by the Dean or Director shall be forwarded to the Vice-President's Space Committee for consideration.

2. Space requirements associated with research proposals to external agencies such as the NSERC, SSHRCC, CIHR, Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Canada Research Chair (CRC), Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF), etc. should be discussed with the respective Dean or Director who will make a proposal to the Vice-Presidents' Space Committee prior to the submission for funding.

3. Only after all possibilities have been explored, and there is no other alternative to resolve the need within the unit's present space allocation, should the Vice-President's Space Committee be approached to provide additional space. To establish such a position, all units should research all possibilities including relocation of the staff, alterations to the existing layout within the assigned space to maximize utilization or to reorganize existing space use, if possible. For professional guidance and advice, the Manager of Space Planning and Administration from the Department of Facilities Management should be consulted.

4. To ensure administrative procedures are adhered to and all pertinent information is included in the request the Request For Allocation of Additional Space form should be completed and submitted with all requests. Requestors should document on this form all measures taken to resolve the space matter within the unit.

5. Each request should include:

  • a detailed description of the space required and the purpose for which it will be used (estimate of the total area, number of offices);
  • a description of existing conditions and an explanation of why a reallocation of space within their unit is not possible;
  • the number and titles of present and future employees expected to be accommodated by the space request;
  • a justification of the need based on the change in the existing activities.

6. The Vice-Presidents' Space Committee will consider the proposal in terms of the University's priorities, goals and objectives, feasibility, reasonableness and availability of funds. It may combine proposals or revise previously-approved proposals if efficiencies can be gained in doing so. The Committee will consult, where necessary and will consider any concerns or objections raised by the parties relating to the proposed reallocation.

7. If the Committee can resolve the space needs articulated in the proposal, it will rule on the proposal and act on its decision.

8. If the Committee cannot resolve the space needs articulated in the proposal, it will refer the proposal to the Vice-Presidents for their consideration and decision.

9. Leasing of external space is seen as a last resort to address increased space needs and is only considered after all other options have been pursued, in accordance with the Space Leasing Policy.

Requests for Renovations

For additional details on renovation/alteration projects and contact information, refer to the Capital Projects policy and procedures, and the Department of Facilities Management web page (


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