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Procedure for Management of Major Capital Projects

Approval Date: 2016-12-06

Effective Date: 2016-12-06

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management


1. Prior to initiation of the project, administrative issues such as funding sources, initial cash flow projections, and accounting processes must be established.

2. The Project Sponsor establishes a Steering Committee, which has overall responsibility in relation to the project.

3. A Project Management Team is established within Campus Facilities Management. Representatives from units other than Campus Facilities Management may be appointed as necessary, normally as a result of the specialized nature of a specific project. A Project Manager is appointed from within the Project Management Team. The Project Manager has signing authority for the project and responsibility for ensuring that design development proceeds on the basis of approval granted through the Procedure for Approval of Major Capital Projects.

4. In collaboration with Campus Facilities Management, the Project Sponsor establishes stakeholder groups, as needed, comprising representatives of primary facility occupants and/or users, who provide input on program development and identification of functional requirements.

5. A Consultant Team(s) is appointed by Campus Facilities Management based on the requirements of the project and in accordance with the Procedure for Selecting a Prime Consultant Via a Request-for-Proposals Process.

6. A functional program definition document must be developed through consultation among the Campus Facilities Management Project Team, the stakeholder groups, the Project Sponsor, and Consultant Team(s). Project Sponsor or designate is required to formally approve this document.

7. Concept Design is prepared on the basis of the program definition. This phase of the project also includes the development of preliminary construction estimates to ensure that the project remains within the scope of the approved budget. Where estimates identify funding issues, the project will normally be reviewed with the Project Sponsor or designate to determine if revisions can be made to accommodate budget restrictions. The Project Sponsor or designate is required to formally approve any changes that impact the original Formal Capital Project Approval.

8. A preliminary design, including floor plans and elevations, must be developed based on the approved concept. Project estimates must be reconfirmed at this stage. A formal proposal will be submitted to the Project Sponsor for approval. (See Article 9)

9. Detailed designs are completed only after VPC and CPDC approvals have been granted. Detailed designs include an operational review by Campus Facilities Management and confirmation of adherence to institutional plans and frameworks, campus master plans design, technical standards and the University Space Standards and Guidelines. The detailed design must include a preconstruction estimate to confirm budget compliance. Where estimates identify funding issues, the project will normally be reviewed with the Project Sponsor or delegate to determine if revisions can be made to accommodate budget restrictions. Formal approval by the Project Sponsor or delegate is required for all related financial and design documents.

10. In cases where the Project Sponsor identifies that the revised budget estimates cannot be accommodated through program revision without serious impact on feasibility of the project, the Project Sponsor retains the right to ask VPC and CPDC for consideration of additional funding. This resubmission may apply at any stage of the design process. Additional funding will be considered by the Board of Regents based on the recommendation of the CPDC and after appropriate recommendation through VPC and the Board of Regents Finance Committee.

11. The contract documents are issued in accordance with the Procedure for Open Call for Bids. The Project Management team evaluates the tender results and prepares a recommendation with regard to contract award. The Director of Engineering and Construction, Campus Facilities Management reviews all tender results and recommendations and forwards recommendation to the Associate Vice-President (Facilities).

12. The Project Management Team carries out construction management and administration. Periodic updates on project status are made to the Steering Committee, stakeholder groups, VPC, and CPDC.

13. Campus Facilities Management completes and commissions the Major Capital Project.

14. Campus Facilities Management regularly reports the status of Major Capital Projects to the CPDC, through VPC and the President.

15. Campus Facilities Management is required to perform a post-contract evaluation that reviews all aspects of the project delivery.

16. A formal project completion report must be submitted to the Project Sponsor, VPC, and CPDC.

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